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West Palm Beach, FL. – Dr. Jenny Wilkins, expert naturopathic doctor and researcher, will moderate an upcoming Inside Bio Science series on BINGE Networks TV. The series will feature interviews with Nourishing Biologicals founder and world-renowned surgeon Dr. George Sadowski and Director of Aesthetics and Esthetician Natalia Sadowski.

Dr. Jenny will act as moderator due to her extensive expertise in holistic healing methods and wellness products. Dr. Jenny is board-certified with a Doctorate in Naturopathic Medicine and Biomedical Science with extensive experience as a practitioner, educator, and media personality. Her pharmaceutical company, ageVital (, specializes in medicinal cannabis, CBD, and Bio-identical solutions that treat a multitude of diseases and illnesses.

Dr. Jenny also authors books for both healthcare practitioners and consumers and educates the healthcare community using her research and findings for disease prevention and integrative healthcare. As a charismatic and knowledgeable speaker, she will be a valuable addition to the Inside Bio Science series.

“Throughout my career, I have never underestimated the value of education about these topics, and I like to take on any opportunity to speak about them,” says Dr. Jenny. “I admire Nourishing Biologicals’ environmentally conscious and bio-science focused mission, and I look forward to helping them inform the public through this new series,” adds Dr. Jenny.

Nourishing Biologicals also prides itself on its use of natural remedies to target the source of many skin issues. In a series of interviews with health and lifestyle professionals and influencers, Dr. George and Natalia will discuss fitness, skin regimens, mental challenges, make up and more. In an “Ask Natalia” segment, licensed Esthetician Natalia will answer popular skin care questions about subjects such as finding the right skin care regiment and what chemicals to avoid in your skin care products.

“We are always looking for opportunities to put our clients in conversation, and we knew right away that Nourishing Biologicals and Dr. Jenny were the perfect match,” says Adrienne Mazzone, President of TransMedia Group. “Through their shared focus on creating holistic solutions to promote health and wellness, this dynamic duo is going to bring a really engaging and informative addition to the Inside Bio Science channel on BINGE Networks TV” adds Mazzone.

With Dr. Jenny as moderator and the experts behind Nourishing Biologicals leading these important discussions, this new Inside Bio Science series is sure to offer great insight into the power of holistically targeting a plethora of ailments. Viewers will learn valuable information about maximizing vitality and quality of life through the proven benefits of Bio-science’s natural methods.


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