MyMedicare is all set to change the game in the health industry

HYDERABAD: “Eat an apple a day, but don’t keep doctors away”, and who will want to? MyMedicare, a social entrepreneur encourages everyone to forge a healthy lifestyle and not just an interim fitness goal. With the website launching this 15th October, it aims to rejuvenate the whole health services process. Key features comprise, but not limited to discounts in chemists, pharmacies, hospitals/clinics near you, regular health checkups and storing one’s all health-related documents securely online. So, hustling to find your prescriptions, bills, reports before visiting your doctor is completely going obsolete.

A person should be known from his health, apart from his name and work. MyMedicare provides their users with a physical health card which will assist in maintaining their own unique health identity. Health identity is the need of the moment. Health Identity concept which is based on Luhmann’s theories of observation and exceptional structures supplemented with Taylor’s theories on social imaginations, provided a new way to judge and to analyze one’s health. Till now, identity is rarely used as an active concept within the health sector. Hence, bringing up this concept surely is a deal breaker and will impact lives in the country. The organization aim is to provide quickest possible medium to connect health seekers and providers because they believe no life should be lost due to lack of medical attention.

The organization is partnering up with all the reputed chemists, pharmacies and clinics to provide the best options to their customers. On the other hand, helping these partners to raise their business by connecting them to customers with ease, bringing them to online market and promoting them in the best possible way.
No doubt they have such amazing services present currently, but they also have their future ambitions quite clear. EnsureHealth: health insurance services, AngelFunds: organ donation service, 24×7: all day and night personal health support and MyMedicalShop: 24×7 pharmacy.

With all these impressive deals and health solutions, being a MyMedicare member unhesitatingly sounds like a good deal as a customer or as a partner. You can enroll here at or you can call +91-99-63-342273 for any queries.