“The achievement of adequate profit is at once a measure of the excellence of products and an absolute necessity to the maintenance of the stability and existence of a company. Viewed from a product standpoint, profit is a reward for the risk of successful product creation. Products that are not adequately acceptable to customers do not command the profits necessary for their continuation. The reverse is true for acceptable products.

Wouldn’t it be great if you knew exactly what your profit was going to be at any particular moment, if you could plan, schedule, and measure and reward to ensure that you will meet your profit goals, and if everyone in your company could make decisions that would ensure that your profit goals would be met? Quantum Profit Science’s offering can help you manage your company’s profitability so that it is always on-track to your goal. Sound too good to be true? Let us show you how you can revolutionize the way you run your business with no risk and almost no changes in your existing operational and management information systems. The difference is simply faster, accurate and better information!

QPS is a neat approach because our system says that you must make money. If you must do that, QPS guides your path. Discover a future companywide profit picture puzzle map and see how you can see your current position on that map real-actionable-time to know are we ahead, on or behind schedule form a cloud platform SAAS with continuous support. Schedule profit first and use the system to level load all assets to produce your accurate linearity planned engineered profit specification prior to pricing.

Dark Data

QPS’s AI-MI sees dark data that can’t be seen or digested in time to act on it with present business tools, presents it as a data set represented as a companywide Profit Scheduling pulled from the enterprises future profit picture puzzle with and agreed to profit learning curve to be acted on real-time. In the context of business dark data describes something that is hidden or undigested, which is acquired through various computer network operations but not used in any manner to derive insights or for decision making. With QPS’s offering artificial intelligence, machine learning, more dark data may be seeing the light of day. QPS’s artificial intelligence machine intelligence future and current learning data more dark data may be seeing the light of day this information assets organizations collect, process and store during regular business activities, the purposes (for example, analytics, business relationships and monetizing.)

Time to stop the Top Down Extractive Culture and replace it with Operations Finance, where the wealth is made. QPS calls it CAPITAL FREE PROFIT it resides in your current work statement; your present system can see it. We call it dark data to your current process!

If you can’t see it, you can’t manage it!

Standard GAAP accounting / finance has no tools to accomplish this it is an operations requirement. Wealth is created in operations not finance.

Put your Capital Free Profit where it belongs FIRST!

Check the track record of Manufacturing being led by finance. Since 2000; 70,000 manufacturing companies have closed their doors and 5.6 million jobs lost.

Learn how to put profit the first line item in your company not the last unknown line item. Pay yourself first not last with Capital Free Profit.

QPS provides a companywide full-pull turn key cloud platform mesh system to Plan, Schedule, measure/Manage and Reward for improved Lean throughput resulting in Capital Free Profit!

It’s not your fault, you have been dealt a bad hand by accounting:

1. Accounting information is a trailing fiction
2. Accounting information can’t see the operations inorder to Plan, Schedule, Measure/Manage and Reward for improved Lean throughput where the Capital Free Profit resides
3. You have two information systems one is current data the second is far older Accounting in terrible shape and can’t support todays information society
4. Accounting information is inadequate to support the profitable running of business in the 21st century the information society

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