Relocating To Jamaica

Operating from its warehouse in Greater London, the W.I. Freight is known for its excellent delivery times and world-class reputation. It has unrivalled experience when it comes to transporting goods across the Atlantic, specifically to destinations such as Jamaica. It uses its established network throughout the Caribbean and specialist knowledge of local and foreign conditions to offer an efficient and reliable service to its customers.

As a fully integrated shipping company, W.I. Freight handles the full range of shipping logistics and coordinates this centrally for efficiency. This includes the pickup of goods, packing, transportation and adhering to all necessary legal requirements throughout the process. The company also prioritises a transparent and stress free process for all its partners.

For customers relocating to Jamaica, W.I Freight uses its experience helping thousands of past customers move across the Atlantic to offer a wealth of advice and solutions for those embarking on this important life decision. W.I. Freight is well versed in overcoming any barriers to a successful relocation. This includes planning, clear delivery schedules, packing advice and assistance, customer care procedures and shipment tracking.

As a company that has grown to service destinations around the world, W.I Freight remains proud of its roots in the Caribbean shipping market and considers it a vital part of its business model. Building on from a strong foundation of knowledge and a proven track record, W.I. Freight is still committed to expanding its expertise in order to offer premium services and great rates to all customers.