Document Verification Software System: Checking Identity Documents with Peace of Mind

New Delhi, India- 30-05-2018 Sagar Informatics’s trusted Identity Verification Software as a Service connects to your product, app, or service to verify your customers’ real world identities. With a simple ID scan and real-time selfie, Sagar Informatics lets you accurately and seamlessly knows and trusts your customer.

Online Identity Verification Software Service

Find out how you can optimize your customer acquisition processes through online channels and reduce identity fraud. Our multi-channel solution allows your customers to self-enroll online with their Smartphone, quickly and easily, anytime anywhere.

ID Verification to apply for an e-visa

In order to verify the applicant’s identity online, Sagar Informatics proposes an online Customer ID Verification Software that automatically verifies electronic and physical security features of identity documents. This ID verification software combined with bio metric identification allows ensuring that the document bearer is the rightful owner and is entitled to apply for a visa.

In store Identity Verification Service

Reduce identity fraud and streamline your sales processes: with our automated, easy to use ID verification service, benefit from a systematic approach across all your stores and improve your customer care activities.

How to verify ID

Travel and identity document verification forms an integral part of sensitive processes like enrollment and registration, as well as in situations where certified identity is crucial – such as at border stations or during bank transactions.

Reliable verification is vital to combating identity fraud and related criminal activities and part of Sagar Informatics’s secure identification and authentication solutions.

These procedures known as KYC (Know Your Customer) are used by public and private sector institutions, document verification agencies, to combat identity or financial fraud as well as to comply with international regulations against money laundering and terrorist financing.
Sagar Informatics ID Verification is a distributed software system that automatically verifies the electronic and physical security features of identity documents.

ID cards,
Driver’s licenses

And many other identity documents can be checked against templates that are stored in a database, administrated centrally and automatically synchronized into all local repositories.

When an ID is checked by our ID verification app, you know in seconds that it is a genuine government-issued identity document.

Integrate document verification in your process

More than just software, Sagar Informatics ID Verification is a fully customization editing platform that enables our customers to pilot each and every verification action on any identity document.

As part of our Border and Visa Management suite, Sagar Informatics ID Verification can be deployed together with our biometric identification solution to determine whether the document bearer is the rightful owner.

Document checking for public and private sectors

Our document checking solution also addresses the needs of the private sector (telecom, currency exchange, money transfer, post offices, car rental companies and more).

ORANGE, the leading Mobile Network Operator, rolled out Sagar Informatics ID Verification in some 100 stores across India in 2016 and 2017. In some stores, the fraud rates were slashed by up to 100%. Discover more benefits by visiting our case study page on ORANGE.

It can be delivered as a standalone application or a software development kit (SDK) that integrates into a proprietary or third-party system.
Discover our latest document reader portfolio for banks and retail, hotels and casinos in addition to border control.
You can also leverage bio metric identification with our face recognition solutions in addition to document verification.

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