If you are a voracious reader, you would definitely want to try the damaged goods book. It is also available in the form of ebook. The glenna mccarthy ebook narrates the story of a woman who became her own hero. It is a real life story of a woman who has led a life that was full of thorns. Every person in this world is allocated some amount of trouble by the destiny. But in case of Glenna McCarthy, destiny had other plans. She had liberal doses of troubles through-out her life in some way or the other. While, she did invite some of the troubles on her own, there were other troubles which fell on her even though she did not invite them. Despite having an unsettled life, she fought back and recreated her life. This book gives the readers a glimpse of how she had overcome her problems on her own. The book is surely going to inspire and motivate all other people who to have their share of problems. If Glenna did it, others can too.

Most of the people who have already read the damaged goods ebook have really liked the content in the book but are of the opinion that the title of the book should be The Miracle. This opinion has been formed after looking at what Glenna has endured and where she has finally ended up. The story is engrossing right from the start to the end. The story also tells about the troubled life as a kid. She was starving for a supportive family but unfortunately she was not able to get it. She was a prostitute for a while apart from being a drug addict. She also caught AIDS and Hepatitis C. She was successful with battling with Hepatitis C and considers that to be a very big battle won. She also successfully overcame her anxiety and paranoia and was able to successfully complete her bachelor’s degree in sociology. She started her struggle right from her childhood. The entire story of hers is told with such a passion that even people who are happy could connect to her in some way or the other. She overcame more than what a normal human being can and has clearly sent a message to the world that problems are meant to die. Glenna is a very strong woman today and is ready to take any challenges that may come in the future with the same fighting spirit.

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