Shenzhen, China; 17, November 2016: These days, plastic injection components are used in almost all types of industries. This is the reason why quality plastic mold making services are high in demand across the world. China based Sositar Mould Company offers custom mold making services for various industries and delivers quality plastic molds at economical prices.

The mold making company conducts the mold making flow analysis for each project that is aimed at building custom molds at a reduced cost and in a time-efficient manner. According to the company spokesperson, every mold building project undergoes a well-structured design and development process with a mold flow analysis with an objective of producing quality products for clients. From product designing and tool building to assembly and field applications, every step is completed carefully to ensure the production of high quality molds.

The China plastic injection mould manufacturer believes in the precise injection molding and has invested significantly on tools and equipments that ensure a rapid prototyping. The spokesperson of the company reveals that they take care of any kind of plastic injection mold making project and can supply clients with precise molds for their own manufacturing or product development process. Moreover, they offer the original factory prices for mold making that ensure a significant cost saving for client companies.

The company offers Custom Plastic Injection Mold making with a scientifically validated product process for a successful and economical mold building. The company’s computer aided engineering team has the experience of designing and developing thousands of molded products, maintaining a low production cost. With an unparalleled expertise in the tooling design, they design and build custom plastic injection molds at the shortest possible time. Companies can rely on their mold flow analysis, filling balance analysis, mold cooling analysis, deformation analysis, and the complete mold making process that defines an improved approach in the mold making.

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About Sositar Mould Co. Ltd:

Established in 1998, Sositar Mould specializes in various plastic moulds for automotive, home appliances, medical equipments, electronics and sporting equipments, as well as general industrial OEM applications. The company covers an area of more than 3,800 square meters workshop, surrounded by convenient transportation facilities. At present, the group reaches to more than 150 excellent tool makers in China and capital assets to more than 15 million RMB. They have the capacity of producing 60-80 sets of moulds per month.

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