ND Labs Introduces Customizable White-Label NFT Marketplace

 ND Labs, an international blockchain consulting and development company, is launching a new product – a white-label NFT marketplace. This platform is designed to provide a versatile solution that meets the distinctive requirements of clients from various industries.

The rapidly growing popularity of non-fungible tokens has ushered in a new era of creativity and digital ownership. Nevertheless, many of the current NFT marketplaces pose limitations for businesses looking to take advantage of this technology. Acknowledging this gap, ND Labs devised an innovative solution that enables businesses to establish a seamless presence in the NFT space.

The white-label NFT marketplace is powered by blockchain technology, giving the platform unparalleled flexibility and scalability. Companies from various industries, including construction, insurance, art, and more, can now effortlessly create and administer their own NFT marketplaces. The platform’s white-label nature allows businesses to customize it to meet their strategic goals and specific needs.

Dmitry Khanevich, co-founder and CEO of ND Labs, shared his excitement: “The launch of this innovative NFT marketplace is a remarkable accomplishment for us. We are delighted to provide businesses in various industries with the necessary tools to unleash the full potential of NFTs. This marketplace creates new opportunities for creativity, user engagement, and revenue generation. I am honored to be a member of the team behind this platform.”

Key features of ND Labs’ white-label NFT marketplace include:

Customizable User Interface: By designing a personalized UI, businesses can establish their brand identity, boost conversions, and improve user retention.

Seamless Asset Transactions: Users must sign up to start trading digital assets.

Uncompromised Scalability: The platform can handle any number of users within the NFT marketplace.

Fortified Security Protocols: Buyers and sellers experience secure and transparent transactions, strengthened by embedded security protocols and smart contracts.

For more detailed information about ND Labs’ new product, please visit https://ndlabs.dev/nft-marketplace.

About ND Labs
ND Labs is an international provider of blockchain consulting and development services. The company provides blockchain-based solutions to companies of all sizes across a wide range of industries, including healthcare, construction, gaming, etc. Their team consists of skilled professionals who focus on strategic outcomes and help clients achieve long-term results.

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HealthCorum Introduces a Unified Solution for Price and Quality Transparency

 HealthCorum, a Boston-based healthcare data analytics company, has introduced the HealthCorum Transparency Hub, a comprehensive solution that delivers best-in-class transparency components to help organizations effortlessly comply with price transparency mandate requirements while giving consumers greater confidence in their healthcare decisions. The company’s provider quality scores complete the picture and help realize price transparency’s full potential.

The solution includes a unified API that delivers quality transparency, price transparency, out-of-pocket calculations, and patient to provider matching. Market leading applications and point solutions partner with HealthCorum to deliver these capabilities, supporting consumers and care navigators in the provider search and selection process.

Murat Alpman, HealthCorum’s Chief Innovation Officer, said, “We’re excited to bring together all of the critical components necessary for a complete transparency solution.” Alpman continued, “Health plans, self-funded employers, and their technology solution providers can now integrate seamlessly with one centralized data hub for all of their transparency needs.”

HealthCorum’s scores are designed to work alongside price transparency data in provider search directories, driving value and reducing wasteful spending. In addition to shopping on cost, consumers can see which providers are most experienced at performing the procedure and compare similar providers in any given market.

With a single solution, HealthCorum clients will be able to avoid inefficiencies and integration problems while unlocking resources to devote to their core business.

About HealthCorum
HealthCorum specializes in transforming healthcare data to create actionable information. As a data analytics company founded with the mission to reduce healthcare costs through identifying and reducing low-value care, HealthCorum helps organizations optimize provider networks and shift utilization to high-value providers and facilities. Public and private organizations use HealthCorum’s provider scores and insights to power a myriad of strategic initiatives, such as guiding members towards high-performing providers and enhancing price transparency in provider search tools. With one of the broadest coverages of provider specialties and sub-specialties in the market, HealthCorum delivers accurate comparison of providers and facilities to their peers.

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Home Sale Assured Introduces Key Strategic Bridge Funding Partner

 Home Sale Assured (fka Fortuna Finance) announced the official launch of its business earlier this year to help real estate agents and mortgage lenders provide homebuyers with confidence and peace of mind when selling their current home to buy a new one.

The Home Sale Assured’s Guaranteed Backup Contract program works with real estate agents to provide a guaranteed purchase offer on a client’s current property, which allows the client to make a non-contingent offer on their new home while deducting their mortgage debt from their DTI ratio when qualifying for a new loan.

Understanding homeowners also have a need to tap their equity as a source of liquidity for the down payment on their new home, Home Sale Assured recently partnered with The Mark Maimon Team at NJ Lenders Corp (Company NMLS #35286) to provide bridge financing to Home Sale Assured clients. Eric Meadow, the company’s founder and 23-year mortgage executive veteran, stated “I’m thrilled to form this partnership with The Mark Maimon team. They have an outstanding reputation in the industry for providing creative bridge financing solutions. This opportunity will make a huge impact on our clients.”

Since the homebuyer’s current home is ready to be sold and there are no contingencies, government-sponsored entities like Freddie Mae and Freddie Mac as well as many non-agency investors typically allow underwriters to ignore the buyer’s current mortgage debt when being approved for a new mortgage. The bridge financing can also be ignored as it will be paid off when the departing residence sells.

The Guaranteed Backup Contract ensures the client’s current home is sold within 90 days, during which time the real estate agent can stage and sell their client’s home at the highest possible price. If the home does not sell after 90 days, Home Sale Assured will buy and relist the home for sale with the current agent. When the home is sold, 90% of the proceeds go back to the original homeowner, as Home Sale Assured only keeps enough to cover the costs of the transaction.

In the first quarter of the new business, Home Sale Assured has already put contracts on $10 million in residential real estate, according to Meadow. Meadow indicated he expects production to more than double in Qs 2 and 3. The Mark Maimon Team bridge offering will be a big component of that growth.

“At the end of the day, homebuyers don’t dream about selling their current home—they dream about buying a new home with more space, better schools or an easier commute,” Meadow said. “We created Home Sale Assured to make sure real estate agents and lenders can provide peace of mind at the lowest cost in the industry to these homebuyers, so their dream comes true.”

About Home Sale Assured
Home Sale Assured is a provider of products and services designed to streamline the home sales process for real estate agents, lenders, and consumers. The company’s Guaranteed Backup Contract (GBC) program is available in all 50 states and helps home sellers qualify for a new home loan before they sell their current home. Home sellers have the option to sell their home to Home Sale Assured for up to 90 days after they buy their new home. In the meantime, agents receive more time to sell their client’s current home at the highest possible price. Home Sale Assured is based in Chicago, Illinois. For more information, visit www.homesaleassured.com.

About The Mark Maimon Team
The Mark Maimon Team (NMLS #3550) was founded by and is led by Mark Maimon, a 20+ year veteran of the mortgage industry. Supported by NJ Lenders Corp. (Company NMLS #35286), the Mark Maimon team funds conventional, non-conventional, and custom bridge loan products in 21 states across the country. Their team has established its reputation for providing outstanding service, customized solutions and a very hands-on approach to home lending. The Mark Maimon team can be reached at https://bridgeloans.njlenders.com or by calling (855) MM-BRIDGE.

Press Contact
Eric Meadow
(530) 615-9752

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Bellabeat Introduces Meditation Rooms for Corporate Wellness Plans to Boost Employee Well-Being

San Francisco, California–(Newsfile Corp. – June 9, 2023) – Bellabeat, a trailblazing femtech company, has introduced Meditation Rooms for corporate wellness plans to boost employee wellbeing. The company has always been a champion of women’s health and wellness. Dedicated to understanding and improving women’s health through innovative and stylish tech-powered products and apps, the company has recently expanded its Bellabeat corporate wellness program with the addition of Meditation Rooms, further showcasing its commitment to enhancing the well-being of its employees.

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Bellabeat Meditation Rooms are a novel way of promoting employee mindfulness and an extra addition to corporate wellness plans.

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Since its founding in 2014, Bellabeat has made waves in the wellness industry with its compelling ecosystem of products and apps, all designed to focus on women’s health. Bellabeat’s founders Sandro Mur and Urska Srsen recognized the lack of attention given to women’s wellness in the market and built the company with the mission of understanding and improving women’s health by utilizing their cycles as a focal point.

Bellabeat’s Ivy wearable, combined with personalized programs and cycle input, provides women with the tools they need to understand their bodies every day, receive cycle-focused actionable advice in all parts of their lives: nutrition, exercise, and mindfulness, and witness the changes for themselves. This innovative approach empowers women to make informed decisions about their health. By providing timely guidance tailored to individual users’ unique bio-responses and lifestyles, Bellabeat encourages women to adopt a healthier way of life that works in harmony with their natural hormonal rhythm.

Now, Bellabeat is taking its commitment to employee wellness a step further by introducing Meditation Rooms as an additional perk for its corporate wellness program. These dedicated spaces are designed to promote relaxation and stress reduction, enabling employees to take a break from the daily grind and recharge their mental and emotional batteries. While Meditation Rooms are aimed at women as the Bellabeat app includes built-in meditations for stress release, relaxation, etc., everyone can use them.

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The Meditation Rooms offer a proprietary ergonomic seating design, ensuring optimal comfort and relaxation.

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Meditation has been widely recognized for its numerous benefits, including increased focus, improved emotional regulation, and reduced stress levels. By offering Meditation Rooms in addition to their corporate wellness program, Bellabeat is not only supporting the well-being of your business’ employees but also fostering a company culture that values self-care and personal growth. This initiative perfectly aligns with Bellabeat’s mission of empowering women to achieve their wellness goals by working with their bodies rather than against them.

We recognize that 43% of women leaders reported feeling burned out,” said Sandro Mur, CEO of Bellabeat. “By offering Meditation Rooms as part of our corporate wellness plans, we are providing an opportunity for employers to invest in their female workforce and achieve better employee satisfaction while raising productivity.

By integrating Meditation Rooms into its corporate wellness program, Bellabeat is demonstrating its commitment to creating a healthy work environment that supports the overall well-being of its employees.

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The Meditation Rooms are designed with sound insulation and adjustable lighting to create a serene, immersive environment for deep relaxation.

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The introduction of Meditation Rooms showcases Bellabeat’s understanding that wellness goes beyond physical health. By addressing mental and emotional well-being, Bellabeat ensures that corporate employees have access to comprehensive wellness solutions tailored to their needs. This holistic approach sets the company apart from others in the industry and highlights its dedication to fostering a supportive and nurturing work environment.



To view the source version of this press release, please visit https://www.newsfilecorp.com/release/168895

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Car Wash Gift Card Network Introduces an Industry Standard Gift Card

 90% of consumers who receive a gift card from a small business that they have never visited, say they would shop at that business and return there in the future.

The Car Wash Gift Card Network strongly believes, car washes and detail services make great practical gifts & rewards for all occasions and milestones.

Introducing The Car Wash Gift Card. Car wash gift card’s vision is simple, allow individuals and organizations to send physical or digital car wash and detail service gift card(s) to anyone across town or across the country. Up until now, if consumers and organizations wanted to buy and a car wash gift card, it was only possible from and for one specific car wash location.

Car Wash Gift Card Network’s Mission is two fold, make the giving and receiving of car washes and detail services as gifts across town or across the country easy and help our overall industry grow in the gift cards share. This helps the car wash location selling the gift card, serve their customers for something that couldn’t do before and earn a small share. It helps the redeeming car wash service provider, acquire and retain new customers and most of all, it makes it easy for consumers to redeem their car wash gift card at their favorite car wash location or mobile service provider.

“We strongly believe car washes make great gifts for all occasions. Our vision is simple, make car wash gifting easy and allow customers to use their gift card at their favorite car wash anywhere,” said, Aftab Jiwani, CEO & Founder of The Car Wash Gift Card Network.

According to the 2019 small business gift card study, conducted in the spring of 2019, originally commissioned by First Data, now Fiserv, 90% of consumers who receive a gift card from a small business that they have never visited, say they would shop at that business and return there in the future. The study further found that 74% of consumers regularly buy gift cards from small businesses.

Car wash owners and operators are invited to be part of this exciting car wash industry network at no cost. Furthermore, Individuals and organization looking for gift and reward ideas, that are useful and practical, visit the car wash gift card website.

Car Wash Gift Card Video

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