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With one of the most unpredictable years in history ending, give yourself some peace of mind in the new year and install a home safe. Not only do safes keep your valuables and documents safe from theft, but depending on the type of safe, they can also keep your sentimental valuables secure in the event of a natural disaster. It’s never been a better time to invest in home security.

At A.Abbott Locksmiths, we are one of Australia’s largest and most reputable safe providers. We deliver new and used safes anywhere in Australia, for all types of Residential or Commercial requirements.

Safe Deposit Box

While the stereotype of a safety deposit box is a small locked box rented out in a bank vault, these days you can have a safe deposit box installed in the comfort of your own home. Often banks offer only a small range of sizes and the price range is not so extensive, though at Abbot Locksmiths we have a vast inventory of safes to suit all budgets and any size required. We can deliver and install your new safe anywhere from Five Dock to Brookvale and our safe technicians are available to teach you how to use your new safe.

Choosing a safe can be a daunting experience, though at Abbott’s you can trust that all our safes are made from heavy steel and use an array of locking mechanisms, such as combination locks, key locks and electronic locks. Our highly trained safe experts are here to recommend which type of safe will be most appropriate for your security application. The following list is a helpful guide of our most popular types of home safes…

    Wall safes: This is a popular option if you want to conceal valuables discreetly. A wall safe is convenient as it can be inconspicuously hidden in the wall and covered over by furniture or a wall-hung artwork. It is also easy to access, as they are often installed at chest or eye level. Floor safes: If you are concerned about the safe itself being removed during a robbery; a floor safe is a great choice. Floor safes are installed under the surface of the floor and are concreted in place. The safe is accessed from above, and much like a wall safe, can be very discrete. Jewellery safes: are perfect for valuable collections of jewellery and are often designed with drawers and interiors that are similar to decorative display cases. Jewellery safes can weigh anywhere from 100kg to 2,500kgs. Drop safes: are unique as valuables can be “dropped” into an access hatch without opening the safe door. The items dropped into the safe are temporarily stored in a secondary compartment until the safe hatch is closed. At this time, the “dropped” items are transferred to the primary compartment of the safe and are unable to be fished out.

Fireproof Home Safe

While a home safe is ideal for securing cash, jewellery, documents or expensive valuables from theft, it is crucial to understand that your safety deposit box is not fire protected, unless it explicitly has an SP certification.

An SP certification upholds strict international standards, proving that a safe is fire-resistant through independent testing. The test involves putting a safe into a 180 ºC furnace for 60 minutes to 120 minutes. The contents are then checked, to ensure that they are still intact to deem the safe fire-resistant.

Also, note that safes can only be fire ‘resistant’ and therefore can only protect paper and documents from extreme heat for approximately 30 minutes up to 2 hours.

While any type of fire can put all of your household belongings at risk, a fireproof home safe or a fire-resistant safe is one of the best ways to safeguard your essential belongings. Fireproof safes also discourage theft due to their strength and weight, making them difficult to move and force open. There are two types of fire-resisting safes on the market, including:

    Fire Data Safes, these protect computer data and media from heat damage. Fire Document Safes, these are usually large cabinets with either single or double doors for maximum security to protect paper and files from heat.

Second-Hand Safes

At Abbott’s, we also sell second-hand safes which are usually more affordable for people who don’t want to spend big coming into the new year. We get many clients who upgrade their second-hand safes to new safes, allowing Abbotts to stock the most reputable second-hand home safes, commercial safes, firearms safes, drug safes and much more.

Used safes are equally as good as new safes, as they are built to last, and for that reason, we have no problem in recommending a second hand safe. So, if you are wondering what’s the difference between buying a new safe or a second hand safe, feel free to speak to one of our friendly used safe experts, for advice on selecting a second hand safe for your specific needs.

Locksmiths You Can Trust Sydney

Abbott Locksmiths offers mobile locksmith services in Sydney, meaning we can remove your safe, transport it and install it in your new location in a timely manner, with no disruption to your operation. We are compliant with NSW Work Health & Safety requirements and use top of the line equipment to ensure prompt and reliable workmanship.

Abbott Locksmiths also offers 24 hours emergency locksmith services in Sydney, meaning when you call for locksmith services, we notify our nearest technician so that you get a quick response time, as well as the quality service you expect. No matter if you are in Bondi Junction or Ryde, our technicians can quickly diagnose problems and work to provide prompt solutions. If you have any questions or concerns, our team is here to offer a resolution.