Renowned sustainable Chef Mick Élysée, Joins Forces with Enish, the Largest Nigerian Restaurant Chain for an Exclusive Kitchen Takeover during Dubai Restaurant Week

Dubai, United Arab Emirates Apr 24, 2024 (  – Renowned sustainable Chef Mick Élysée is thrilled to announce a groundbreaking collaboration with Enish, the leading Nigerian restaurant chain globally. 

This culinary synergy will manifest in a two-day kitchen takeover during Dubai Restaurant Week, scheduled for Friday, May 10th, and Saturday, May 11th, at Enish Dubai.

Chef Mick Élysée, celebrated for his innovative approach to sustainable pan-African cuisine, will infuse Enish Dubai with his signature eco-dining ethos. Guests can anticipate a gastronomic journey through modern, sustainable pan-African delicacies, expertly curated by Chef Mick.

“We are excited to partner with Chef Mick Élysée for this extraordinary culinary experience,” said the management of Enish. “This collaboration underscores our commitment to showcasing the richness and diversity of African cuisine while prioritizing sustainability.”

Enish Dubai will serve as the epicenter for this culinary convergence, where Chef Mick Élysée’s visionary dishes will elevate the dining experience, resonating with both gastronomic enthusiasts and sustainability advocates alike.

The theme for this exclusive event is “Sustainable Modern Pan-African Cuisine,” reflecting Chef Mick’s dedication to culinary innovation while prioritizing environmental consciousness.

Join them at Enish Dubai on April 10th and 11th to indulge in an unforgettable dining experience, where tradition meets innovation, and sustainability takes centre stage.

About Chef Mick Élysée: Chef Mick Élysée is a renowned sustainable chef known for his innovative approach to pan-African cuisine, blending tradition with modern culinary techniques while prioritising sustainability.

About Enish: Enish is the largest Nigerian restaurant chain globally, offering authentic and flavorful Nigerian cuisine across its establishments.

For more information and reservations, please contact Enish Dubai.


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Yasomo by Chef Mick Élysée

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