Arkreach, a leader in communications analytics, today announced the launch of its groundbreaking AI-powered Contextual Sentiment Analysis tool. This innovative technology, developed using a sophisticated Large Language Model (LLM) trained on a corpus of 60 million articles across 50 languages, marks a significant advancement in the field of communications analytics.

Revolutionizing Sentiment Analysis with Precision

Arkreach’s new feature enables communications professionals to precisely analyze the ‘contextual’ sentiment around specific entities like brand mentions, product names, or key spokespeople directly through their dashboards. Traditional tools, which typically provided broad article-level metrics, often missed the nuanced sentiments crucial for strategic decision-making.

“In the digital era, communications metrics must evolve. I’m thrilled to unveil Arkreach’s game-changing AI-driven Contextual Sentiment Analysis. This innovation redefines precision in communications analytics, pushing us beyond traditional metrics to embrace detailed, contextual insights rooted in News Consumption Behavioral Data,” Said Vishal Sharma, Chief Strategy Officer at Arkreach.

“For years, the industry has struggled with the limitations of traditional sentiment analysis tools. Our new AI-driven Contextual Sentiment Analysis not only pinpoints specific sentiments but also provides the depth of understanding our clients need to effectively tailor their communications strategies,” said Neeraj Kumar, CTO at Arkreach.

Real-world Applications and Strategic Advantages

This technology is especially useful in complex scenarios where multiple entities or issues are discussed. For example, in media coverage about Jio’s 5G initiatives, regulatory interactions, and leadership, Arkreach’s tool can differentiate and highlight the positive sentiments around the 5G rollout and leadership, despite any negative tone of the article.

Empowering Global Communications Strategies with Advanced AI and Extensive Language Support

Arkreach’s AI-powered tool doesn’t just refine sentiment analysis—it transforms it. By enhancing the granularity of analysis and changing how communications professionals monitor public perception, the tool sharpens communications strategies with unprecedented accuracy. Additionally, the platform’s support for a comprehensive array of languages ensures that no matter where communications needs are focused, from Mumbai to Moscow or Mexico City, Arkreach is equipped to provide accurate, contextual insights.

Top supported languages include:

Asia: Languages such as Mandarin Chinese, Hindi, and Japanese

Europe: From English and French to Russian and Serbian

Middle East and North Africa: Including Arabic and Persian (Farsi)

Americas: Covering English, Spanish, and Portuguese

Africa: With languages like Swahili and Amharic

This extensive language capability empowers communications teams across the globe to leverage contextual sentiment analysis, ensuring no key insight is lost in translation.

For more details on how to utilize this new feature, visit our step-by-step guide on our Knowledge Base: