The College of Physicians and Surgeons of Mumbai (CPS) addresses recent misinterpretations and misconceptions regarding its courses and recognitions in response to a published article.

CPS, established in 1912, has a longstanding commitment to enhancing medical education and healthcare delivery, particularly in Maharashtra, where it has significantly bolstered public sector hospitals and government systems. Notably, CPS has played a pivotal role in reducing maternal mortality rates and infant mortality rates, a top priority of every state government in India.

CPS conducts its courses through its affiliated institutes and hospitals following strict norms as per the MSR for adequate number of beds, infrastructure, equipment, and sufficient workload to give students good amount of exposure and experience. Some of the institutes that are affiliated with CPS are medical colleges (Government/ private) and district hospitals. CPS conducts regular inspections of all the institutions that are affiliated with CPS to ensure the quality of training imparted to the students. The admission to CPS courses is conducted by the respective State Government on direction of MOHFW, Government of India.

CPS provides academic guidelines to all the institutes affiliated with it for the training of the students. Lecture series in each specialty is conducted at CPS house twice in a year which the students can attend in-person or online from anywhere in India through the E-learning portal.

Furthermore, CPS courses have gained recognition internationally, with the Royal College of Anaesthesia, England, acknowledging the Fellow of CPS qualification as eligible for the Medical Training Initiative (MTI) in England. CPS has also collaborated with BAPIO, which shall provide an opportunity for CPS students to pursue degrees like MRCOG, MRCPCH and many such courses in the UK. This recognition underscores the quality and relevance of CPS’s educational programs on a global scale.

In Maharashtra, CPS has been instrumental in introducing simulation-based education programs for various medical disciplines, including pediatrics, gynecology, anesthesiology, medical and surgical specialties. These initiatives aim to provide immersive learning experiences and hands-on training to students, ensuring they are equipped with the necessary skills to excel in their respective fields.

Contrary to recent claims, CPS maintains transparency and adheres to rigorous standards of medical education. CPS courses are recognized by both national and state governments, facilitating clinical practice nationwide. At present, the state of Maharashtra has via it’s notification dated 15th March, 2024 re-recognised 10 MOHFW approved courses and via its order dated 14th March 2024, has recommended to set up a committee to re-recognise the other remaining courses.

Recent articles have misrepresented CPS’s standing and contributions, leading to confusion in the minds of public, maligning the reputation of a renowned institution and misleading the legal proceedings. CPS clarifies that all its courses and recognitions adhere to regulatory guidelines and are aimed at advancing medical education and practice.

CPS urges stakeholders to rely on accurate information and refrain from spreading misinformation that could undermine the reputation of esteemed institutions like CPS.