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MIKA MEDICAL, the first Korean needle-free injection developer and manufacturer of Korea needle-free injection system(Comfort-in) in Korea, is entering global markets.

Established in 1990, MIKA MEDICAL’s needle free injection system is suitable for people who fear needle pain and diabetic patients in need of frequent insulin administration. Micro-sized holes on the surface of the nozzles, strong spring pressure, and a high-velocity jets of medication in Korea, allow medication to penetrate into the human body without causing any pains by removing the conventional needles in Korea.

Comfort-in does not alter the efficacy of the drug compared to regular needle injections, with some studies showing the technology to actually increased efficacy. This is good news for children who are afraid of needles and diabetics who suffer skin damage caused by frequent needle injections.

MIKA MEDICAL has donated “Korean pain-free Korean self-injection Korean needle-free” for young diabetic patients through the Korea Evaluation Institute of Industrial Technology (KEIT). Comfort-in was delivered to 25 children, demonstrating its commitment to helping people lead a better life.