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XploreMR delivers an exclusive forecast & analysis on the global market for corrosion protection polymer coatings in the report, titled “Corrosion Protection Polymer Coating Market: Global Industry Analysis (2012-2016) and Opportunity Assessment (2017-2022).” The report offers an in-depth analysis on the corrosion protection polymer coating market by examining global trends and manufacturing practices for the assessment period, 2017-2022. In this report, revenues procured by key market players for the past five years have been aggregated to generate historical data, which serves as a reference point for deriving market forecast and assessing growth opportunities. Market size estimations offered in this report can be inferred for understanding the future of corrosion protection polymer coatings for being key industrial materials.
Our analysts have examined the nature of the market, and studied the distinctive strategies adopted by market players for developing a pragmatic outlook on the global corrosion protection polymer coating market. Analysis offered in this report decodes each and every causative factor influencing the changing dynamics of corrosion protection polymer coating market. From industry trends and untapped opportunities to growth restraints and economic drivers, the report has analysed the global corrosion protection polymer coating market across multiple parameters.
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Report Structure
The report starts with an executive summary, highlighting key research findings on the growth of global corrosion protection polymer coating market, particularly with respect to its regional expansion. An overview of the market is included in the report, wherein a formal introduction to the market and a standard definition of “corrosion protection polymer coating” is provided. This section also offers an illustrative overview on the forecast of global corrosion protection polymer coating market by using metrics such as compounded annual growth rates (CAGRs) and Year-on-Year (Y-o-Y) growth rates.
Further, the report offers distinguished sections on macroeconomic analysis of the market, analysing the key factors influencing corrosion protection polymer coatings sales across the globe. Analysis on cost structure, pricing, supply chain, and product life cycle is also offered in this section. The report also delivers an intensity map, plotting the presence of market participants across all the regions analysed in this report.
Key chapters in this report offer a segmented analysis on the global corrosion protection polymer coating market. By considering the wide scope of corrosion protection polymer coatings as an industrial material, the market has been segmented on the basis of product-type, end-use, form, and region. The report is developed on a fragmented structure model, and hence, market size estimations offered in the segmented analysis also provide cross-sectional data and country-wise forecast & analysis.
The report concludes with a detailed profiling on key market participants. This section puts forth the all-inclusive competitive background of the global corrosion protection polymer coating market, enlisting strategic developments of companies and revealing their current market standings.
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Market Taxonomy
A concise taxonomy of the global corrosion protection polymer coating market has been summarized below:
Region Product Type End Use Form Type
• North America • Epoxy • Marine • Solvent-borne
• Latin America • Polyurethane • Oil and Gas • Waterborne
• Europe • Alkyd • Power Generation • Powder-based
• Japan • Acrylic • Construction
• APEJ • Fluoropolymer • Automotive
• MEA • Vinyl Ester & Flake-filled Vinyl Ester • Transportation
• Chemicals
• Mining & Metallurgy
• Others
Research Methodology
XploreMR has employed substantiated research methodologies in development of this market study. Quantitative data procured from systematic formulation of market size estimations through custom-made calculations has been infused with qualitative information derived from analysing the market’s subjective undercurrents. For the greater understanding, the report has offered market size estimations in US dollars (US$) by converting regional market values through 2017 currency exchange rates. Apart from CAGRs and Y-o-Y growth rates, the report also offers analytical forecast under metrics such as Basis Points Share (BPS) index, absolute dollar opportunities and revenue share percentages. The scope of the report is to enable participants in the global corrosion protection polymer coating market devise long-term strategies to consolidate their future by referring to the research findings offered.