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Pet dogs are dearest to their owners, even the most renowned stores for pet dog clothes and accessories in our research concluded that. To give a brief on how a piece of clothing is important for your pet dog, we have interviewed the marketing head of Royal Animals today.

The marketing head welcomed us with a smile, answering our questions about the importance of clothing for pet dogs, “Pet dogs are just like our siblings, or kids. Basically, nothing but a family member. They need tenderness, love, and care too. Therefore, with the better choice of clothes from the most trustable stores, such as ours, every pet dog owner can give his or her dog the best experience in life while roaming outside or playing indoors with the parents.”

We asked the catalog manager at Royal Animals about the different winter coats after the first interview. In fact, he was sorting the product list on the website, and we caught him for this bit at the right time. Swiping through the menu of the items, he could explain it clearly, “We ensure that the winter coats or any other hoodies that we manage in the inventory or even upload on the website for sale is free from any harm to dogs.”

He scrolled through the catalog, showing us the samples, “You can see that each dog winter coat has a fine print. The leash is also adjustable at the bottom. This allows the dog to run and there even when he is keeping himself warm in the extreme weather conditions.”

It was mesmerizing to know all those benefits of simple winter coats and hoodies. He continued to feed us more information about these accessories, saying, “The pet dog owners can see that we have multiple hoodies. The budget is not a problem for them or us. We can have a great hoodie under $30-40 for sure.”

When we browsed the entire website ourselves, we could see that the winter coats in this store are in multiple sizes ranging from X-small to X-large. Moreover, the latest NYPD collection at the Royal Animals is one of the best winter coats to buy. The store owners are even given a slight percentage to the NYPD and FDNY for every sale that is being made.


This press release focuses on the importance and the benefits of buying different pet dog clothes, accessories, especially winter coats or hoodies from

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Address: 1040 First Avenu, New York, NY 10063