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The latest report on Automotive Fuel Injection Pump Market by Infinium Global Research gives complete coverage of the automotive fuel injection pump market by pump type (common rail, rotary distributor fuel injection pump, electric pumps, inline pumps), fuel type (single-point or throttle-body injection, sequential fuel injection, direct injection), vehicle type (passenger car, commercial vehicles) in terms of key trends, market size, forecast and CAGR growth over the period of 2019 to 2025. In addition, the study covers deep dive into key product and application trends in the regional markets of automotive fuel injection pumps such as North America, Europe, Asia-Pacific and Latin America over the short run and long run.

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Growth of the Automotive Fuel Injection Pump Industry

An automotive fuel injection pump is a device that pumps fuel into the cylinders of the engine. The system consists of many integral parts like sensors and fuel pumps that help air intake, mixing and supply of fuel. The fuel injection system lies at the very heart of the diesel engine. Another important function is to adjust the injection timing. It manages the timing from the point where fuel is injected, ignited and combusted when maximum combustion pressure is reached. The purpose of the fuel injection system is to deliver fuel into the engine cylinders, while precisely controlling the injection timing, fuel atomization, and other parameters.

The growing demand for fuel-efficient vehicles to reduce carbon dioxide levels is expected to be the factor driving the growth of the automotive fuel injection pump market. Additionally, growth in sales across the vehicular segments and technological advancements intended at improving the fuel efficiency of the engine is anticipated to fuel the growth of the market during the forecast period. However, supporting government policies for greener vehicles is the factor restraining the growth of the automotive fuel injection pump market.

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Production and the Current Emerging Stage of the Market, and Cost Advantages for OEMs Are Driving the Growth

On the other hand, rising penetration of electric vehicles is likely to hamper the growth of the market over the forecast period. Owing to the innovative efforts, there is an advancement in automotive fuel delivery and injection systems and Growth in Use of ethanol fuel in the automotive industry is likely to provide several growth opportunities for the key players in the automotive fuel injection pump market.

Among the geographies, Asia Pacific dominated the global automotive fuel injection pump market. An increase in automotive production and the current emerging stage of the market and cost advantages for OEMs are driving the growth in the Asia Pacific region. The growth in North America is anticipated to be driven by increasing penetration of the direct injection system in vehicles driven by gasoline engines.

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