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ETH.LimiteD based on the ERC 2-0 platform is ready to join the Crypto Coins Market with many benefits.

ETH.LimiteD (ELD), a new encryption currency and smart contract within the Ethereum network, is ready to launch. ELD is based on the ERC 2-0 platform and will be supplied with a total of 1 billion ELD ( Pre-sale price: $0.008). According to the creator, the special feature of ETH.Limited that it has implemented a time-limited staking model, proposed at raising the insufficiency in the market and avoiding inflation. ELD token can be used for Staking, Dapp Gambling, BO Trading platform, Profit from staking up to 15% /month. The ELD token can be obtained on several crypto wallets such as imToken, TrustWallet, MyEtherWallet, and Metamark.

ETH.LimiteD is currently in the introductory and marketing development phase. On February 18, they launched Staking ELD of a total 300,000,000 ELD. ETH.LIMITED utilizes a Staking model that helps raise the value of ELD. Staking Model can conquer all of the vulnerabilities of the Token availability. The ELD token is limited to create the rarity, an-inflation, and increase purchasing ability. ELD tokens’cash flow is regulated based on a decentralized, which keeps the users completely control their assets, just like any other crypto coins on the market.

The ELD supply of a total of 1 billion ELD will be divided into Dev 10%, Staking 30%, Bounty/Airdrop 10%, and Staking issue 50%. The spokesperson added, every year in January, they will reduce the amount of staking by 20%, which promotes the long-term development of ELD. With a perfect decentralized technology basis and decentralized ecosystem helps stably increasing the value of ELD.

ELD is a decentralized cryptocurrency with full compatibility with the ERC20 standard. It is possible to invest with the ELD token. Investing in ELD is very profitable. The profit is around 3% up to 15% per month (This applies to different packages available, please check the website for more detailed information).

About ETH.LimiteD

ETH.LimiteD or ELD is a decentralized cryptocurrency. The complete ETH.LimiteD is implemented as a dAPP, a smart contract within the Ethereum network. ETH.LimiteD (ELD) token can be used for Staking, Dapp Gambling, BO Trading platform, High Profit from staking up to 15% /month. ELD is expected to have its own wallet in June 2020. For more information about ELD and profitability investment token, please visit the official website at .