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Jena, 28th October 2019 – The urologist Dr. Hasan Igde has already been operating for 8 years in the Bergmannstraße Health Center as well as in a renowned clinic in Berlin for the treatment of benign prostatic hyperplasia (BPH) exclusively with the LIFE laser therapy of the laser pioneer biolitec®.

The LIFE minimally invasive laser treatment with its channel technique is particularly well suitable for the treatment of BPH, even in high-risk patients. In this method, a laser light fiber is inserted through the urethra and directed to the enlarged prostate. The tissue of the urinary tract of the prostate is specifically removed from the inside without residue.

Dr. Igde comments: “We now treat between 50 and 80 patients per year exclusively with the biolitec® laser method. Compared to the TURP method, the laser method has the advantage that the optimal absorption of the laser light in the tissue and the special quality of the laser fibers reduce the ablation time and stop bleeding immediately. Side effects are significantly minimized and surrounding tissue remains intact. Incontinence, sexual dysfunction and the risk of retrograde ejaculation are usually avoided.”

Besides the biolitec® Ceralas HPD laser, the biolitec® laser LEONARDO® DUAL was one of the first lasers with the combinable wavelengths 980 nm and 1470 nm. The combination of these two wavelengths offers the highest absorption in water and hemoglobin and thus enables excellent hemostasis. Minor bleeding during the procedure improves visibility of the surgical area.
Due to their enlarged contact area and a special coating on the fiber tip, the biolitec® TWISTER and XCAVATOR® laser fibers allow faster ablation and more precise fiber control at the same time. The fibers of biolitec® also work in contact mode. This significantly reduces the coagulation zone (less than 1 mm) and protects the bladder and surrounding tissue.

For 7 years, Dr. Igde has been sharing his knowledge and experience with the LIFE laser method with interested physicians in workshops and advanced training courses. Information is available at Bergmannstraße Health Center, Office for Urology, Bergmannstrasse 5-7, 10961 Berlin, Tel.: 030-69819390.

Further information about the lasers and special fibers of biolitec® can be found on the website (