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Beijing, 10/24/2019: At the Beijing Conference and Exhibition on Instrument Analysis (BCEIA), a leading Chinese trade fair for laboratory instruments, Labforward today announced a major rebranding to unify its products under a clear, clean identity. From today, the product cubuslab, an Internet-of-Things (IoT) platform for laboratory devices, will be known as Laboperator. The electronic lab notebook software (ELN) Labfolder will retain its original name.

“We wanted to make sure everyone in the market understands the connection between our individual products and the goal of our company: To bring labs forward, to support them on their quest to make groundbreaking discoveries.” says Simon Bungers, co-founder & CEO of Labforward.

The rebranding includes a redesign of the company and product logos, a relaunch of the websites, rebranded graphics and other visual communications. The overall goal is to convey very technical solutions for a complex industry in an understandable way. Apart from an updated Corporate Identity (CI), the products remain unchanged.

“The company logo as well as the product logos reflects agility and solid reliability. They reflect two opposing poles, as we decided to describe it.” Simon Bungers continues to explain. “In our market, you find these two poles everywhere: On one hand, laboratory work is amongst the most rational activities on the planet. You think hard, you plan out your experiment to the utmost detail, you measure and you analyze objectively. On the other hand, it”s so emotional! Just think of the frustration a failed experiment brings or the joy when you finally established a method that increases the sensitivity of your analysis. Another example: On one hand, you find handwritten notes and very manual work in the laboratory, on the other hand you have highly automated processes and tons of data that is only readable by machines. All these thoughts are reflected in the design of the logos.”

Labforward is currently exhibiting at BCEIA, together with its Chinese partner NikYang Enterprises Ltd. and the research group SLAS of the technical university of Dresden, Germany.

“We chose to launch the new brand at this trade fair because as with the smartLAB at Labvolution earlier this year, we”re again demonstrating how both our products work together: You operate your lab through Laboperator, and then you store and process the data automatically in Labfolder.” says Julian L├╝bke, Co-founder of cubuslab GmbH (acquired by Labforward in May) and now head of the Laboperator Product. “Still, you can perceive them as individual products – you can work with them together, but can also use them individually.”

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