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Omni Energy Consultants aim to supply high-quality coal products and related transport services to its customers. The company actively participates in extensive research, to improve their initiatives in triggering the development of the coal supply industry in South Africa.

Having been in the coal distribution business for many years now, the company specialises in the supply of coal by both rail and road. Omni Energy Consultants have emerged as a trusted and renowned bulk coal and household coal supplier.

Household Coal Supplied by Omni Energy:

Anthracite coal is largely used across South Africa as an efficient fuel. Being an established supplier of anthracite coal in Cape Town, the company has earned vast experience and can provide high-end heating solutions at cost-effective prices.

1. Anthracite Coal – Anthracite is the highest rank of coal because it contains high amounts of carbon content and very little volatile matter. Anthracite is one of the hardest kinds of natural coal and features a great energy density. With little impurities and low volatile matter, it is widely used in metallurgical processes as a carbon donator. It is also used in various household applications like heating and ovens. At Omni Energy, you can find anthracite coal in bags of 10kg, 25kg and 40kg for all your domestic purposes.

2. Wood Pellets – One of the most popular kinds of pellet fuels, wood pellets are made from industrial waste and compact sawdust. These are used as fuel for cooking, for generating power and for heating residential and commercial areas. Wood pellets serve as a cost-effective and energy-efficient fuel for heating homes. Offering a high burning rate, wood pellets are often used as an alternative to oil, coal, gas, coal and firewood. They are mostly used in pellet stoves for cooking and heating. At Omni Energy, you can find bags of 10kg, 25kg and 40kg for all your household applications.

Apart from household coal, Omni Energy also supplies thermal coal and metallurgical coal in bulk quantities to the industries in South Africa. Bulk coal serves as a primary source of electricity in the country and is also used in the steel and cement industries. You can find bulk coal in different forms like peas, slurry, spiral, duff, grains as well as small and large nuts. Grade A, B, C and D are all stocked by them. To learn more about their coal supply and transportation services, please visit their official website:

About the Company:
Omni Energy Consultants are renowned coal suppliers based in Cape Town. Serving as a strategic distribution company, they cater to the energy requirements of various industries and customers throughout South Africa. The company supplies a wide variety of coal products like industrial peas, small nuts, anthracite and duff.

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Cape Town, 7550, South Africa
Tel: 021 045 0700