Polargrid offers new Canaan Avalon 911 19.5TH Bitcoin Miner

Polargrid offers new Canaan Avalon 911 19.5TH Bitcoin Miner
Boden, 05.08.2019 PolarGrid, the professional hoster for high-performance computers and crypto miners, is constantly sourcing high-performance mining hardware for its customers. In this context, Polargrid is pleased to announce the current offer for new Canaan Avalon 911 19.5TH Miners.
Since 01.08.2019 Polargrid is the official European distribution and colocation partner of Canaan Creative. Canaan Creative is the second largest provider worldwide of crypto mining hardware. Polargrid has years of experience in hosting and service of crypto miners and is also a certified colocation partner of the Obelisk project.
“We look forward to working well with Canaan Creative,” says Peter Uhlich, board member. He explains: “We have been firmly dealing with all the hardware available on the market. We believe that the design of Canaan Creative’s devices is the ultimate in the Bitcoin Miner segment. Especially the design of the heatsink and the Airflow convinced us.
With this design advantage, long service life and high efficiency of Cryptominer in continuous operation is possible. ”
“We are particularly pleased to be able to offer a position of the new Canaan Avalon 911 Cryptominer for our customers as an introductory offer,” says Doris Thielen, a company spokeswoman. The Avalon 911 19.5TH is now sold for € 699.- in a bundle deal with low-cost colocation. The power supply will be provided free of charge during the contract period!
PolarGrid is a professional provider of hosting services for High-Density Computing, Cryptominer and Blockchain technology. All facilities are located in northern Sweden. PolarGrid relies on the location advantage since no additional energy has to be used to cool the devices. All devices are powered exclusively by green energy derived from hydropower. The consumer will find these favorable energy costs in the Miner Hosting price list (http://bit.ly/2LYcdpx).
PolarGrid is convinced that renewable energies and high-performance computers are a perfect fit for the future.