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According to the World Trade Organization (WTO), global trade will continue to face slower growth than expected in 2019, with merchandise trade volume growth falling to 2.6%, from 3.0% in 2018, after a high of 4.6% in 2017. New tariffs, retaliatory measures affecting goods, weaker global economic growth and volatility in financial markets have all affected global trading. In terms of regional growth, GDP projections have been downgraded for North America, Europe and Asia, due to the reducing effect of fiscal policy in the US, the phasing out of monetary stimulus in the euro area and the strategy of moving the Chinese economy away from manufacturing and investment to services and consumption. The deceleration of trade in 2018 was largely driven by Europe and Asia, with their large proportion of global imports at 37% and 35% respectively. Europe saw its imports decline throughout 2018, while Asia’s trade growth moderated; this will have an impact on investment intentions for port construction in the next few years.

GlobalDatas Construction Intelligence Center (CIC) is currently tracking port-related projects with a value of US$517.7 billion. In terms of the project pipeline value, Asia-Pacific accounts for the highest share with US$199.4 billion. The Middle East and Africa is in second place, with projects valuing US$166.8 billion. The Americas has projects valued at US$91.7 billion, while Europe has a project pipeline of US$59.7 billion, trailing the other regions. The report provides detailed metrics on global and the regions’ port construction projects (as tracked by CIC) split by country, stage and value. Detailed metrics are also provided for the top 10 countries by value and stage.

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key Highlights
– The highest value of projects are at the execution stage, with US$212.3 billion, followed by projects at the planning stage with US$187.9 billion.
– India leads the global project pipeline, with projects valued at US$39.4 billion, followed by Iran with US$34.4 billion.
– Public investment is responsible for the funding of the highest proportion of projects, with 38%, with joint public/private funding at 32% and the remaining 30% of projects financed by private funding.

– The report provides an analysis based on CIC projects showing total project values and analysis by stage and funding for the top ten countries.
– The top 50 global projects are listed giving country, stage, value of port construction projects. Ranked listings of the key operators for the sector are also provided showing the leading contractors, consulting engineers and project owners. Country profiles are provided for the top 10 countries including India, Iran and the US.

Reasons to buy
– Gain insight into the development of the port construction sector.
– Assess all major projects by value, start date, scope and stage of development globally, for the regions and top 10 countries to support business development activities.
– Plan campaigns by country based on specific project opportunities and align resources to the most attractive markets.

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