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Chasing capital appreciation opportunities, HNW investors have been eager to increase their equity holdings over the past few years. While we do not expect a fall in demand for risk assets, HNW investors are looking for new means to diversify their portfolios. Overall we expect a notable increase in alternatives at the expense of fixed-income products over the coming year. However, there will be significant regional differences. Over the next 12 months we expect to see a reallocation of HNW assets as investors increasingly seek to diversify their holdings. This means wealth managers will do well to discuss the various methods that will help HNW investors diversify their portfolios. Diversification across asset classes remains the go-to approach, with too little attention given to geographical and intra-asset class diversification.

Drawing on our 2018 Global Wealth Managers Survey, this report analyzes HNW asset allocation strategies in 19 key markets. In particular, it examines the drivers behind investment choices now and over the next 12 months.

– HNW investors in Asia Pacific are significantly more risk averse than their global peers, with an average equity allocation of 32.8%. This compares to 42.3% in Europe and 52.8% in North America.
– 64.3% of wealth managers expect demand for alternatives to rise, while a mere 13.0% expect a drop in demand. The asset class is becoming more popular as a diversifier and as the allure of bonds fades.
– Liquidity concerns are also driving demand for cash and near-cash products, with 61% of wealth managers expecting an increase, while demand for bonds is forecast to drop.
– Amid growing uncertainty, the predictability of returns is driving demand for a stable rental and dividend income in the form of property and equities, calling for a focus on quality assets.

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