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Event Management is looked upon as a sunrise industry in the service sector. The past decade
of the Indian economy has witnessed an alarming growth in the size of Event Management
Industry. It has grown by leaps and bounds in the recent past and most of the experts in the
industry strongly believe that this is just the beginning of a new era. According to the survey
done by some leading Research agencies, the organized Event Industry in India is poised to
grow by at least by 25% annually and is estimated to reach INR 10000 crores.
The scope of Events has been widening day by day and the Events & Entertainment Industry
today encompasses events like Fashion & Celebrity shows, Film awards, Celebrity
promotions, Road shows, Musical concerts, Bollywood-shows, T.V. Reality shows Company
conferences, Banqueting facilities, Tourist attractions, Sports, Culture, Corporate seminars,
Workshops, Exhibitions, Wedding celebrations, Birthday parties, Theme parties & Product
launch. The continuous rise in the number and the scale of all such events has emerged as the
main growth drivers in the sector. Today, Event Management has become an integral part of
any Marketing plan. A large number of companies have already recognized the benefits of
Direct Marketing through events. Events are considered as a means to Launch, Advertise or
Build a brand.
The Indian Media & Event industry grew from INR 728 billion in 2011 to INR 821 billion in
2012, registering an overall growth of 12.6 percent. The industry achieved a growth of 11.8
percent in 2013 to touch INR 917 billion. The sector was projected to grow at a CAGR of
15.2 percent to reach INR 1,661 billion in 2017.
The Karnataka Event Management Association (KEMA), on account of its Monthly General
body meeting, organized a Panel discussion on “MSME for Event Companies” The
monthly meet saw Mr. Srinivasa H M, Additional Director, MSME participating in a
panel discussion and sharing information on Role and Importance of MSME in the Event
Industry. It was held at Ritz Carlton, Residency road.
Speaking on the occasion, Mr. Srinivasa H M said, “The micro small and medium
enterprises (MSMEs) have been accepted as the engine of economic growth and for
promoting equitable development. The labour intensity of the MSME sector is much higher
than that of the large enterprises. The MSMEs play a vital role in the overall growth of
industrial economy of the country. “Ministry of Micro, Small & Medium Enterprises (M/o
MSME) envision a vibrant MSME sector by promoting growth and development of the
MSME Sector, in cooperation with concerned Ministries/Departments, State Governments
and other Stakeholders, through providing support to existing enterprises and encouraging
creation of new enterprises, schemes & Incentives applicable and useful for the Event
Management industry also. Event Management Industry has gained momentum only from the
past few years and hence the scope and roles defined are not so compliant to the industry
since they fall under the Service enterprises. While the MSME extends 36 incentives /
schemes for the Manufacturing enterprises, there are only 10 to 12 incentives / schemes for
service enterprises and that too most of them are industry related”. He said that the Event
Management sector is flourishing at a great pace and encouraged the innovative ideas of the
industry. “We definitely would want to help the Event Management Industry by introducing
schemes and incentives but, it is up to the Event Management industry to draft their policies

to suit their requirements and bring it to the notice of the organization to introduce such
schemes that would benefit the industry and avail benefits and schemes that would suit them
the best”, he concluded
Speaking on the occasion of the Event, Mr. Sanjeev Kapoor, President of KEMA said “It
was a very insightful discussion we had with Mr. Srinivasa H M, Additional Director,
MSME. I take this opportunity to thank Mr. Srinivasa to have taken time of his busy schedule
and participated in the panel discussion with Industry experts to give us meaningful inputs
that would benefit and support the Event Management Industry.
I am absolutely delighted to see the response from the event industry of Karnataka as a
whole. What started as a small group of people initially now has 70 organizations registered
in a short span and saw participation from 150 odd event organizations and is growing strong.
Our aim is to collaborate and to address all issues faced by event companies including
licensing, start-ups, venues, legal, incubation, etc.”
“Going forward, we will be organizing many such panel discussions with government
organizations and various stake holders to bridge the gaps and make companies more
compliant, equip them with all necessary information, work in unison by sharing our
experiences and support our fellow members to run their establishments hassle free. This will
not only improve the quality of the organizations, but will also help us organise events in a
more planned and structured way, and that in turn will help our clients” he said.
The Previous edition of the KEMA Monthly General Body Meeting had Mr Shridhar R –
Regional Manager Karnataka – NOVEX Communication Pvt Ltd and Mr Rasheed Sait – MD
– George P Johnson talking about the Perils and imperils of “Licensing in Event Industry”
as a part of the Panel discussion.
ABOUT KEMA : The Karnataka Event Management Association (KEMA) is an
autonomous and non-profit registered body of companies, institutions and professionals
operating within the Events and Experiential Marketing Industry of Karnataka (India).
KEMA aims to bring together the leading Event Management, Sports Management and
Brand Activation Companies, MICE and Wedding Planners of Karnataka on the same
platform. KEMA will represent as an Association with a unified voice, that leads dialogue
within its members and also with the Government Bodies, Statutory Bodies, Taxation
Authorities, Private and Municipal Licensing Bodies, Corporate and Industry, Vendors and
Artists. Going forward KEMA will be setting Industry Standards that will guide it’s
members, and prescribe a Code of Conduct for it’s members and their employees, and
safeguard their interests in the Industry.
Representatives – Executive Committee (EC) KEMA
President – Mr Sanjeev Kapoor
Vice President – Mr Srikant Kanoi
Secretary – Mr Arvind J Sabhaney
Treasurer – Mrs. Anita Makhaia
EC Marketing & PR – Mr Pradeep Naik