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In an April 2019 report on Americans’ biggest worries, Gallup found that “fifty-five percent of Americans worry ‘a great deal’ about the availability and affordability of healthcare.” Rapid changes in the U.S. healthcare system and escalating medical costs are causing uncertainty and financial stress for consumers.
These trends inspired two physicians with decades of healthcare experience to share the inside story of how the U.S. healthcare system really works and how to navigate it effectively in their new book, Insider’s Guide to Quality, Affordable Healthcare, published in May 2019.
Authors Lawrence W. Lazarus, M.D. and Jeffrey Foster, M.D. aim to help their readers become knowledgeable healthcare consumers and replace their anxiety with confidence. They offer practical information, resources and guidance on how to:
• find well-qualified doctors and reduce medical expenses.
• research and select cost-effective healthcare.
• prevent medical errors that account for more deaths each year than car accidents.
• obtain a second or third opinion from a specialist.
• secure a healthcare advocate (“guardian angel”).

This book will be regularly updated at so readers can stay informed about the latest healthcare news.

Insider’s Guide to Quality, Affordable Healthcare has been endorsed by medical professionals. Dr. A. John Rush, a renowned physician and Adjunct Professor at Duke and Texas Tech Medical Schools, described the book this way: “Finally, a user-friendly guide written by two seasoned doctors to help all Americans choose the highest quality health care while containing out-of-pocket costs.”

Lawrence W. Lazarus, M.D. has specialized in geriatric medicine and psychiatry at Rush Medical School and University in Chicago, Illinois, where he founded the Geriatric Psychiatry Fellowship Program. He is a former president of the American Association for Geriatric Psychiatry and was awarded numerous teaching and research grants from the National Institute of Mental Health. Dr. Lazarus is in private practice in Santa Fe, New Mexico.

Jeffrey Foster, M.D. has spent his clinical and academic career with Geriatric Psychiatry as a prominent focus. He has worked closely with primary care physicians, nurses, social workers and various specialists in hospital and outpatient settings. A former President of the American Association of Geriatric Psychiatry, Dr. Foster has received various teaching and research grants from the National Institute of Mental Health.

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