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Zhongshan City, GD, China (May 15, 2019) – Nowadays, most people are aware of the importance of eco-friendly products. With the global warming awareness heard from around the world, most organizations are also intending to use biodegradable and environmentally friendly supplies. Understanding this, Zhongshan Diantang Eco-Tech Co., Ltd. produces the best BDS Foam for biodegradable packing.

In the present situation, most people buy things online and it becomes the responsibility of the sellers and manufacturers to safely pack their products and send it to the doorsteps of the consumers without any damage whatsoever. This is where this biodegradeable packing material BDS Foam from Zhongshan Diantang Eco-Tech Co., Ltd. can come handy for them.

The company has made BDS Foam from botanical starch, natural polymer and botanical fibers. When talking about the production of this material the company says “The starch fibers form an inter-penetrating polymer network (IPN) structure. This will then be put through a room-temperature fermenting procedure and a high heat foaming process, resulting in a highly effective shock absorbing material”.

The excellent thing about the BDS Foam produced by this company is that it is a non-polluting packaging product, non-hazardous and non-toxic. Most importantly, its environmental friendliness can be understood from the fact that it is 100% recyclable and biodegradable. Further, the company makes sure that during the manufacturing process there is no sort of water residues, exhaust gases and waste water.

The company has made the BDS Foam as a product that is fully-complied with the environmental low-carbon emission requirements and the strict EU’s Essential Requirements of Packaging. So, companies in need of packing supplies, can confidently head to this company for an environmentally friendly material.

Further, the BDS Foam assures buyers of the following benefits:
• Anti-Electrostatic
• Shock Absorbance
• Perfectly secures products
• Genuinely degradable and environmentally friendly

The interesting thing here is that companies can get the BDS Foam packaging supplies in any solid colors of their interest. With the general thickness of 2.5 mm and the maximum size of 320x240x80mm specification given by Zhongshan Diantang Eco-Tech Company Limited, manufacturing units can decide about using this packaging material for packing their supplies in a safe and effective manner.

The company has made BDS Foam packing supplies for toys, ceramics, skin care products, earphones, liquor and even for electronic circuits. So, manufacturing units engaged in the manufacture of any type of product that should be properly packed and most importantly, attractively in the most suitable color can contact Zhongshan Diantang Eco-Tech Company Limited for environmentally safe product packing materials.

About Zhongshan Diantang Eco-Tech Company Limited:
Zhongshan Diantang Eco-Tech Company Limited has a team of experienced people engaged in the research and development of green environmental protection materials. The BDS Foam is their patented product.

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