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People are unique in their ability to change the way they look at situations. When we are faced with a challenge, we have the opportunity to reflect and consider options before we respond. However, it is very easy to get into habits, so we just take the easy option and don’t always consider alternatives. In order to increase effectiveness, we need to think about the type of approach that gives the best results. As a start point, we can build on the 3H Model.

The 3H Model of High Performance

The 3H Model refers to ‘Head, Heart and Hands’. These represent three broad competencies linked to personal effectiveness. They relate to assessing issues, interacting with other people, and achieving results. Within each cluster, we can identify specific elements that are linked to superior performance.
● As a coach, you can use the 3H Model to clarify aspects of behavior that are linked to effectiveness at work, including strengths and areas for development
● You can clarify aspects of current thinking that may help or hinder progress, including a clear understanding of other people’s expectations
● Work Preference Profiling can offer insight into how energy is being directed, and how this relates to the person’s interests and motivation

Applying Personal Strengths

Identifying your Personal Strengths, and identifying how to use these in new ways, helps increase your competence and confidence. Becoming involved in meaningful work also increases motivation. A strong sense of purpose contributes significantly to high performance.

Making Progress

Achieving progress in your work is essential for personal well-being and resilience. It is useful to consider the most challenging work demands you face, and then look at the resources available to help you meet the challenge. This is when positive relationships with colleagues can help overcome problems.

Your effectiveness can also be increased by looking at Leadership Coaching Models. Insights based on research shows that a positive mindset, backed by practical action, increases our effectiveness in challenging situations. One useful model is based on Leading with AIMS, which emphasizes the importance of awareness, insight, meaningful activity and support (e.g. when facing challenges).

Learning and Reflection
Gaining fresh insights as a key objective when using Coaching Tools for Managers. The feedback from questionnaires and surveys provides ideas on how best to move forward. The JOURNAL acronym can also be used to encourage reflection and explore possibilities.
● (J) Judgement-free
● (O) Observation
● (U) Understanding
● (R) Revelation
● (N) Needs Assessment
● (A) Awareness
● (L) Life

We develop new capability when we take on challenging situations. We may initially struggle to make progress, but reflecting on this experience provides a foundation that we can build on. It enables us to develop new competencies and grow in confidence.

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