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A mower is a machine which cuts grass or plants. Large mowers are usually equipped with a number of cutting units to shape the ground. The equipment is powered and drawn either by a tractor or draft animals. The cutting units are mounted underneath the tractor between the rear and front wheels, pulled behind the tractor as a trailer or mounted on the back with a three-point hitch.

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Finishing mower is a kind of rotary mower which is attached to the back of the tractor. It consists of three rotating shafts combined with three free-swinging blades, and features staggered wheels to prevent soil compaction. These rotary mowers or finishing mowers can be a part of tractor machinery and are pulled behind the tractor.

Increasing technological advancements to save time, energy, and cost is expected to drive the finishing mower market over the forecast period. Growing perception about horticulture as a leisure activity which also benefits health and the environment is projected to positively impact the market growth.

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Furthermore, expansion of modern houses and changing consumer lifestyles may also drive the growth of the finishing mower market in the coming years. These mowers are majorly used for cutting and maintaining the ground. Therefore, growing demand from large lawns, sports fields, estates, public parks, golf courses, and from municipal maintenance is also projected to boost the market growth over the forecast period.