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Maqui Berries: Market Outlook

Maqui berries are purple berries that grow through parts of southern Chile. These berries are not cultivated and are present in the wild throughout that part. The Maqui berries are harvested mostly by the Mapuche Indians and also commercially sold by them. The wide applications of these Maqui berries in the ailments of the humans have made it a super fruit. The antioxidants power present in the maqui berries is more than any other fruit and is said to protect the body cells from damage.

Due to the benefits of maqui berries, a wide market has emerged to produce different products of them by processing them. It is being used in vegan superfood bars, jam, juice blend, sports drink, energy drink and also alcoholic drinks of maqui berries have been seen in the market.

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The value of exports of the Maqui berries has significantly increased in the past few years and is being exported to the United States and South Korea in a very large number. But it is estimated that there are markets that are going to grow in the upcoming years mostly concentrated in APAC for maqui berries. 

Maqui berries Becoming the New Superfruit

Maqui berries are very rich in anthocyanin. These are purple pigments which are very high in antioxidant activity. Specifically, these anthocyanins are called delphinidins and are present in exceptionally high amounts in maqui berries.  These are known to protect the body from a huge number of ailments. They are known to manage the blood sugar of the body in people who are suffering from diabetes. They have anti-inflammatory effects and also prevent the oxidation of cholesterol. They are known to have anti-bacterial, anti-aging and anti-cancer effects also. Due to this large number of benefits and no restrictions on dosage, the maqui berries are termed as the new super fruit and the antioxidant and nutritional levels are no match to the other berries that are present.

The Maqui berries can also be manufactured in numerous products. The transformation of the berry into such a wide variety of innovative products has also contributed to the large customer base that the maqui berries have.

Maqui Berries: Market Participants

Some of the leading market participants of global Maqui berries market include Arauco Nutrientes Naturales, HP Ingredients, Jungle Nutrition, Sunfood Superfoods, NP Nutra, Maqui New Life S.A, Bayas del Sur.

Maqui Berries: Activities of the participants

  • Delphinol, a product from MNL S.A., is a standardized Maqui berries extract gathered from southern Chile. It has been proved in a recently published study that it reduces fasting sugar in individuals with impaired glucose regulation.
  • + Maqui, a product from Arauco Nutrientes Naturales, took a leap in the world of e-commerce, and since April 2018 is also offered by AMAZON, the global e-commerce giant, and is exported to countries such as South Korea, Indonesia, Switzerland, and Australia.

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Maqui berries: Market Opportunities

The market for maqui berries has been wide since the nutritional value of the berries has been known. And the market has ever since been increasing. There are a wide number of products that have come into the market and more research is going into it to produce the best of Maqui berries products with enhanced nutritional activities. The value of the products is very high and the consumer base is not decreasing. And due to the increase in health-conscious people across the globe, the demand for new, improved product is more.