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The report provides a transparent image of this Turmeric Market situation and therefore the expected way forward for the trade. The report focuses on the premise of market drivers, restraints, growth, trends, and forecast for the period of 2018-2025. Additionally, the report conjointly maps the market performance by price chain analysis which can facilitate in higher product differentiation beside the analysis of every phase in terms of size, share, market attractiveness index and rate of growth.

Turmeric is an extract belonging to an herbaceous plant of ginger family. It is considered as an important ingredient in foods and in pharmaceutical industries. It has been used extensively in Asian countries for a variety of purposes. Its various applications include dyeing, in Ayurvedic medication as a healing ingredient, it is also used as a chemical analysis indicator to check the acidity and alkalinity, and as a food ingredient used in different curries. This market have experienced an augmented growth owing to its medicinal characteristics and increased attraction towards organic products.

The major market drivers are research and development in medical applications of turmeric, increased use in food and hotel industry and growing demand for herbal beautifying products. The market growth might be restricted due to availability of cheaper alternatives in food colour industry under the study period.

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Turmeric has been greatly used in Asia Pacific region since ancient years, thereby it makes Asia Pacific as the largest global supplier of turmeric. Considering its various medicinal properties and anti-septic nature, it has experienced new applications in cosmetics, herbal products and pharmaceutical companies, this has powered the growth of this market. Owing to its oligopoly market structure it has given opportunities to different new players to easily enter the market.

Report includes a detailed analysis on value chain in order to provide a holistic view of the turmeric market. Value chain analysis comprises detailed evaluation of the roles of various players involved in the turmeric industry, from raw material suppliers to end-users. The turmeric market has further been segmented based on application such as pharmaceuticals, food, cosmetics and others. The study provides forecast and estimates market for each application in terms of revenue and volume during the forecast period from 2017 to 2024.

The report also offers a competitive landscape of the overall market with company profiles of players such as Biomax Life Sciences Ltd., Synthite Industries Ltd., Hindustan Mint & Agro Products Pvt. Ltd., Arjuna Natural Extracts Ltd., SV Agro food, Star Hi Herbs Pvt. Ltd., Herboveda India Pvt. Ltd., Helmigs Prima Sejahtera PT., Hebei Food Additive Co. Ltd., Tri Rahardja PT and Konark Herbals & Health Care.. Geographically, this market has been segmented into regions such as North America, Europe, Asia Pacific and Rest of the World. The study details country-level aspects based on each segment and gives estimates in terms of market size.

Table Of Contents – Overview
2.Executive Summary
3.Market Analysis
4.Turmeric Market Analysis By Application
5.Turmeric Market Analysis By Region
6.Competitive Landscape Of Turmeric Companies
7.Company Profiles Of Turmeric Industry

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