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Mechanical engineering is regarded as a pioneer in all sectors of Mechanical Engineering. It is also known as the evergreen Engineering branch, since it is mainly mechanics, thermodynamics, robotics and aerospace.

The interdisciplinary nature of the mechanical engineering course makes it lucrative for the students. It is one of the oldest branches of engineering, and you can stretch in multiple other arenas.

It was built in the 19th century during the industrial Revolution in Europe.

Mechanical engineering is the Basis or foundation of today’s society, in which every professional must study, no matter which industry he belongs to.

From local manufacturing units to organizations such as the Indian Space Research Organization [ISRO], you will find job offers after completing the mechanical engineering course.

Apart from the job, when the prospective engineering students seek a higher degree, there are countless possibilities.

The subject is basically application-oriented, so the student can venture into other options such as mechatronics, aviation technology, automotive technology, robotics, heat technology, petrochemistry as well as the newer Plastics Technology.

Mechatronics-Degree Programme Classification
Lower Franconian Mechanical Engineering Course
Machine builders study Mechanical Design, testing, manufacturing, operation as well as maintenance huge and a number of machines that are used in industry to manufacture products or maintain equipment.
Students with a mathematical aptitude should be seeking a degree in mechanical engineering.

Why pursue mechanical engineering in Bangalore?
Bengaluru or Bangalore, whatever you call it also known as the Garden City and is the capital of Karnataka.

The city boasts its multi-ethnic, Multi-linguistic population, which makes it the most popular Cosmopolitan in India.

The city has a huge number of engineering colleges that allow students to choose from large options and numerous industries.

In addition, the metropolitan areas in India, with the day of being the Silicon Valley, Bangalore is steadily catching up and is now referred to as megacity.

The pleasant weather all year round and the flourishing opportunities for engineering in the city a hotspot for employment opportunities as well as academic performance.

The cost efficiency in terms of high quality standards of Education favours Bangalore to pursue engineering studies compared to other cities in India.

Pune experienced a large number of students migration not only from different parts of India, but also from neighbouring countries such as Nepal, Bhutan and Bangladesh, as well as African nations and Southeast Nations.

Top Mechanical Engineering colleges in Pune:
COE College
Vishwakarma College
SIT College
MIT College

Some of the key concepts in mechanical engineering:-
• Fluid dynamics
* Design of machine elements
* Thermodynamics
* Kinematic
* Dynamics of machines
• Manufacturing process
* Engineering Materials & Metallurgy

Scope of persecution mechanical engineering in Pune
Bangalore city is the center of the startup and many fortune 500 companies, offering wide opportunities for aspiring machine builders in different sectors

* Aerospace industry-machine manufacturers can explore aircraft research, design, operation and maintenance. On the other hand, the defence machinery manufacturer will design the equipment for the Armed Forces.

* Automotive industry-mechanical engineers can also cars in automotive sector through Design, manufacture of engine parts.

* Robotics– this is an interdisciplinary branch that requires mechanical engineering to build the robot and help in artificial intelligence. This branch of Engineering not only overlaps with mechanical engineering, but also with computer science, mechatronics, nanotechnology and bio-engineering.

* Thermal industry– in this industry, The machinery manufacturers are obliged to control the heating and cooling of the material in an open-air, fluid, or a closed environment.

* Petrochemical industry– in this industry, The machine Builder should work with hydrocarbons, which can be either natural gas or crude oil. The engineers design and develop machinery for extracting oil and gas below the Earth’s surface.

* Plastics engineering-mechanical engineers design, develop and maintain the machines and equipments for the processing of plastics.

* Construction industry – the mechanical engineer can explore in this area to build the infrastructure of buildings and design to monitor the heating and ventilation.

* Research projects-machine builders can also carry out projects financed by government or other bodies.

* Higher education – after a degree in engineering, students can follow post graduation in any interdisciplinary branch of Mechanical Engineering.

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