New Textile Labelling Act In Five South American Countries

(March 21, 2019) – Recently, MERCOSUR has approved and promulgated the Technical Regulations for Textile Labelling. MERCOSUR/GMC/RES resolution 62/18 to define the draft technical regulations on labelling of textiles and clothing products of MERCOSUR member States, which set out requirements for the labelling of such products produced or imported by member States into their respective countries. Under the Act, member States are required to incorporate the requirements of the statute into their national legal systems by June 15, 2019.

MERCOSUR is a South American economic and political agreement between Argentina, Brazil, Paraguay, Uruguay and Venezuela, etc. The members of the Agreement have implemented technical regulations for textile labelling requirements through the adoption of MERCOSUR/GMC/RES resolution 62/18 to promote free trade among member States and to ensure that the
content of textiles fiber are clearly and correctly identified. This Technical Regulation will repeal GMC Resolution 33/07.

According to the new labelling regulations, textile products consisting of at least 80% weight percent textile fibers or textile filaments shall comply with this regulations. Product label content requirements include:

1 A business name or trademark registered in the consuming country, as well as the tax identification number of a domestic manufacturer or importer, or any person using its proprietary trademark or company name, or a person holding a trademark use permit.

2 The country of origin is preceded by a “Hechoen (Made in)” or “Fabricadoen(Manufactured in)” or “Industria(Industry)”, followed by the name of the country of origin. The place of origin marked by the name of the economic zone or the flag of the national flag is not accepted.

3 The name and content of a textile fiber or filament, expressed as a percentage of mass.

4 Nursing label description must comply with NM ISO 3758: 2013 and can be represented by symbols or text. Nursing procedures must be informed in the order described: washing, bleaching, drying, ironing and professional textile care.

5Mandatory information listed above must be indicated by permanent, non-erasable, clearly visible labels, seals, stickers or the like. The listed information must be expressed in the language of the consuming country, but may also be expressed in one or more other languages without prejudice.

The labelling Bill allows packaged textiles and clothing to print the required information on or in the packaging without having to print it on the product itself, but to ensure that the information is visible outside the package. These products include fabric diapers, handkerchiefs, napkins, toddlers’ beaks, socks, gloves, woven clothing, crochet bedspreads, mosquito nets and seamless clothing. If a single package contains more than one item, you must specify the number of items and the description of these items that cannot be sold separately.

However, there are a range of products that are not subject to this label requirement. These products include a sanitary napkin, a sanitary napkin, a disposable diaper, a hair accessory, a fabric applique, a needle thread bag, a funeral product, a protective and safety device, an equestrian equipment, a textile used on an animal or a toy, a motorcycle cushion, a camping tent, a button, a hanger, a footwear, a felt cap, a book cover, belt, rope, flag, badge, tag, toy, umbrella, bag, suitcase, cleaning cloth, parachute, rental textile, some tablecloth, sun-shading curtain, furniture, wrist strap, fan, etc.

In order to ensure the normal export of the textiles transported to the area, the inspection departments of various countries and regions shall advise the relevant enterprises to be prepared, collect the materials for interpretation timely, and further understand the labeling regulations of the relevant products in the area. So as to avoid the situation that the outlet is blocked due to the non-conformity of the textile test.
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