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Biobritte Agro Solutions Private Limited Kolhapur is the new incorporated company in june 2018. It is founded by Mr. Parimal Ramesh Udgave who is alumini of Sheffield Hallam University, England, UK.

What about it?
His company is first company who is going to promote research in mushroom biology. Mushroom biology is the field where study is focussed at Mushroom or fungi. In his interviews he told that “Our company is set to establish total seven units under Biobritte Group and we will be promoting mushroom research and mushroom applications to various sectors such as use of mushrooms in medical field, use of mushrooms in industrial applications and use of mushrooms in food and pharma items.”

Firstly, Mushroom Learning Center unit is established at start. First attempt was to make oyster mushroom locally available and to promote their nutritional and food applications. Mushroom based food is very popular in Asian countries whereas in Maharashtra region it is still need to be promoted. As compared to different states mushroom industry still need to be upgraded with new technology, research and their usability.

He added “Second phase is about medicinal mushrooms. We are very keen to grow cordyceps, Ganoderma , Shittake and Lion’s mane in second attempt. We are also looking forward to prepare some brain and body tonics which can be approved for human use in India. ”

Next attempt for his business is to reach international market. He desires to make kolhapur mushrooms to make global brand in mushroom products. Kolhapur Mushroom is brand name they have used for their products. It started to serve two states in India currently. Maharashtra and Karnataka states are very close to company location which is being primary market to company’s products.

He added that, because of unawarenees in mushroom usability, company is still struggling to find trustworthy distributors. He added, we are also planning to launch our own mushroom product store at every district in maharashtra and karnataka.

Marketing director said ” Our products will be moving to middle east countries shortly. He added there is great need to teach people in India to guide them to eat our innovative and new of mushroom products. Our 40 mushroom based products are under trial for marketing and surveys. Hopefully our company will be changing the mindsets of local Indian towards mushroom growing and mushroom eating.

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