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Paint Remover Market: Introduction

Paint remover also named as paint striper is a product used to remove the paint, and other finishes. Additionally, it is intended to clean the underlying surfaces. The paint remover products containing harmful substances which leads poisoning. The other pain removal method such as scraping, sanding is safer and environment friendly than paint striper products.

Paint Remover Market: Overview

The global paint remover market is segmented into types, end-users, and region. Based on type, the paint remover market is classified into caustic type, solvent type, and biochemical type. Sodium hydroxide (also known as lye or caustic soda), is the mostly used caustic. It works through breaking down the chemical bonds of the paint, usually by hydrolysis of the chain bonds of the polymers forming the paint. Solvent paint remover breach the layers of paint and break the bond between the paint and the object by swelling the paint. Dichloromethane, also called methylene chloride, is the most common solvent used as a paint strippers. Caustic paint remover leads the global paint remover market due to the features of removing the thick layer of paint and easy to use in compare to other paint removers. Biochemical paint remover is anticipated to gain significant growth due to the attributes of eco-friendly, and use of natural sources in the products of these paint stripers. In terms of end-users, the paint remover market can be categorized into vehicle maintenance, aerospace, industrial repairs, building renovation, furniture refinishing, and others. The application of paint removers in aerospace, and building renovation together lead the global paint remover market due to the use of paint removers in modification of aircrafts, and old infrastructures.

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Paint Remover Market: Trends & Developments

The paint remover market is growing on the ground of increase its application in various end-users industries such as vehicle maintenance, aerospace, renovations etc. The growing renovation activities in developed nations on North America, and Europe fuels the demand for paint remover market growth. However, the several serious health risk associated with paint removal products, and stringent government regulation inhibits the market growth. Additionally, the high cost of paint removal products may hamper the market growth. Nevertheless, the growing R&D activities to develop eco-friendly paint removers, and rise in usage of biochemical paint removers create new opportunities for global paint remover market growth.

Paint Remover Market: Regional Outlook

Based on region, the global paint remover market can be segmented into North America, Europe, Asia Pacific, Middle East & Africa, and Latin America. North America dominates the global paint remover market owing to the well-established aerospace industry in this region. The wide use of paint remover product in modification of aircraft is the key factor driving the global paint remover market growth. Additionally, the presence of key manufactures in this region also fuels the global paint remover market growth.

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Paint Remover Market: Key Players

Prominent players in the global paint remover market include 3M, Green Products, Henkelna, Franmar Chemical, PPG (PPG Aerospace), United Gilsonite Labs, Formbys, GSP, Fiberlock Technologies, EZ Strip, and Akzonobel.