Evaporated Milk Market: Increasing Demand for Evaporated Milk in the Food & Beverage Industry to Fuel Growth

The evaporated milk is the condensed form of fresh milk, with about 60% of the water content is removed. The evaporated milk is also popular as unsweetened condensed milk among consumers. In the global milk market, the demand for evaporated milk is increasing owing to its wide application in various end-use food products and beverages such as coffee, shakes, and others. According to the data from the national coffee association, the daily per capita consumption of coffee has increased from 2.24 cups in 2001 to 2.97 cups coffee in 2017. The evaporated milk is also gaining the popularity among the households as it has multiple application in various cuisines where it acts as a taste enhancer and also increases the texture. In the global evaporated milk market, the demand for evaporated milk majority accounts from North America and European market and Europe also accounts to world’s largest producer of evaporated milk.

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In the global evaporated milk market, the demand for evaporated milk is increasing in household purposes. The demand for evaporated milk is also increasing in the food and beverage industry. In addition, the demand for evaporated milk has remarkably increased in the bakery and confectionery industries. In the food and beverage industry, evaporated milk is mostly used in food processing and making milk-based beverages. In addition, it is also used in infant food. In the bakery and confectionary industry, the evaporated milk demand is increasing in bakery products and milk-based confectionaries. With the increasing demand for organic products, the manufacturers are launching their evaporated milk product. The evaporated milk is available in various packaging formats to cater to the demand for a broad range of customers. On the other hand, fluctuation in the milk production is affecting the cost of the evaporated milk, which is the major concern among the evaporated milk manufacturers and they are working on various strategies to overcome the problem.

Some of the key players operating in the global evaporated milk market are Nestle S.A., O-AT-KA Milk Products Cooperative, Inc., Eagle Family Foods Group LLC, Anchor, Armor, Premier Foods, Devondale, Sterling Agro Industries, Talmera, and others.

Coffee has become one of the most favorite drink among the population due to fast-paced life and westernization. Increasing hotels, restaurants and café is also fueling the demand for evaporated milk owing to its application in many food recipes and beverages. Due to increasing flavor inspiration among the population, evaporated milk is popping up in more and more household aisle as the emergency stock of milk.