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Cardiac reader systems are also known as Cardiac marker analyzers. Cardiac reader systems are used to determine the levels of proteins and enzymes released from heart muscle when it is damaged. Doctors use cardiac Reader systems in two ways – to evaluate a risk of a cardiovascular event taking place or to diagnose a cardiac event in a hospital emergency room or within the hospital.

Cardiac reader system delivers high point of care testing results utilized for diagnosis of heart diseases for example, myocardial infarction and other cardiac related diseases. Furthermore, Cardiac reader system monitors all the cardiac tests such as cardiac troponin and myoglobin tests, through immunochromatographic analyses. Also, cardiac reader systems are important for the prevention of the misdiagnosis of cardiac problems.

Cardiovascular diseases such as angina pectoris and myocardial infarction, are increasing and becoming a severe ongoing struggle.

According to the World Health Organization, 17.6 million people die each year because of cardiovascular diseases, which is estimated to be 33% of the deaths across the globe.
Due to increase in prevalence of cardiovascular diseases, there is increasing demand for cardiac reader system for the early detection of diseases. Therefore, the growing prevalence of cardiovascular diseases is expected to significantly fuel the growth of the global cardiac reader system market during the forecast period.

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Need for Accurate Diagnostic Results and Innovative Applications Boosting Market Growth

Additionally, growth in innovative application of the product such as provision of accurate diagnostic results and less time-consuming practices. Research and development in the field of surgical equipment is expected to make new opportunities throughout the forecast period all over the globe. These parameters are efficiently driving the cardiac reader system market.

From past few decades, Obesity has become a global health challenge. The increasing obese population, which is at a high risk of developing cardiovascular diseases, is estimated to boost the demand for cardiac reader system.

On the other hand, the high cost associated with the cardiac reader system is hampering the growth of the cardiac reader system market across the globe.

Cardiac Reader System Market: Segmentation

The Cardiac Reader System Market has been segmented on the basis of marker type, product type, application type, end use, and region.

Segmentation on the basis of marker type:

Lactate Dehydrogenase
Creatine Kinase
Segmentation on the basis of product type:

Enzyme Immunoassay Analyzers
Radioimmunoassay Analyzers
Chemiluminiscenece Immunoassay Analyzers
Magnetic Immuno-Chromatographic Assay Analyzers
Immuno-Fluorescence Analyzers
Segmentation on the basis of end use:

Hospitals and Clinics
Ambulatory Surgical Centers
Cardiac Reader System Market: Competitive Landscape

Some of the prominent key players in the cardiac reader system market are Abbott Laboratories, Boditech, CardioGenics Inc., Getein Biotechnology, LifeSign, LSI Medience Corporation, Alere, Beckman-Coulter Inc., Response Biomedical, Roche Diagnostics International Ltd, Siemens Healthcare, Trinity Biotech, Radiometer Medical APS, Mitsubishi Chemical Europe GmbH., and Quidel Corporation.

Cardiac Reader System Market: Regional Overview

On the basis of geography, Asia Pacific Excluding Japan is capturing the significant market share in the Cardiac Reader System market. Along with that, the countries in the Asia Pacific Excluding Japan such as, China and India accounts for the largest number of hospitals in the world. Thus, Asia Pacific Excluding Japan is expected to witness high growth in the field of the Cardiac Reader System market. In North America, the countries such as Canada and US are expected to witness high adoption of Cardiac Reader System due to the technological advancements and the innovations in the field of Cardiac Reader System. In Middle East Africa, the growth rate of Cardiac Reader System market is moderate as compared to other regions due to increasing number of hospitals in the region. These features are efficiently fuelling the growth of Cardiac Reader System market across the globe.

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