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Stem Cell Banking Market is expected to reachUSD 5830.41 Million by 2026 fromUSD 1593.9 Million in 2017 during the forecast period. A stem cell bank is a facility, which stores stem cells for future use. Stem cell banking is the process of conserving stem cells at temperatures below the freezing point. These cells used for the treatment of Parkinson’s syndrome, cancer, diabetes, heart diseases, and others.

Stem cell banking market is segmented by Type, Banking service, Application, and Geography. Based on service type the sample preservation & storage segment is expected to hold maximum market share during the forecast period due to the increasing adoption of stem cell banking services in key countries, growing numbers of stem cell banks across developing countries, increasing public consciousness about the therapeutic applications of stem cells.

On the basis of application, the personalized banking applications segment is fastest-growing segment owing to increasing adoption of precision medicine across established countries, the growing prevalence of blood & immune system-related disorders amongstnew-borns& children, &growing public worries regarding the clinical abuse of stored stem cell samples.

Stem Cell Banking Market

North America is expected to hold largest market share during the forecast period. The increasing network of stem cell banking services, ongoing support of stem cell lines for various disease treatment, new technological developments in the field of stem cell collection & preservation techniques, increasing public-private investments for stem cell researches, rising number of stem cell transplantation procedures are pouring the growth of the Stem Cell Banking Market in North America.

Cordlife introduced NICE, a clinically approved non-invasive prenatal test in Indonesia and the Philippines.
LifeCodexx AG, a Provider of non-invasive prenatal DNA testing in Europe, declared its partnership with LifeCell International Pvt. Ltd., an Indian mother & baby preventive health care Type, to bring PrenaTesT, qNIPT testing for the first time to India. The qNIPT technology, which detects the presence of foetal trisomy 21 (Down Syndrome) from maternal blood, received CE marking (European Conformity) in December 2016.

Cordlife Group Limited and China Cord Blood Corporation announced that the two companies collaborated in order to support patients across the China, Singapore, Hong Kong, Indonesia, India, the Philippines, and Malaysia to identify suitable cord blood matching units for stem cell therapy.
Scope of the report Stem Cell Banking Market:

• Stem Cell Banking Market by Type:

• Umbilical Cord Stem Cell
• Adult Stem Cell
Embryonic Stem Cell
• Stem Cell Banking Market by Service Type

• Storage
• Analysis
• Processing
• Collection & Transportation
• Stem Cell Banking Market by Application

• Cerebral Palsy
• Thalassemia
• Cancer Diseases
• Diabetes
• Autism
• Stem Cell Banking Market by region

• North America
• Europe
• Latin America
Key Players Stem Cell Banking Market:

2. CBR Systems, Inc.
3. ViaCord
4. Esperite
5. Vcanbio
6. Boyalife
7. LifeCell
8. Crioestaminal
9. RMS Regrow
10. Cryo-cell
11. Cordlife Group
12. PBKM FamiCord
13. Cells4life
14. Beikebiotech
15. StemCyte
16. Cellsafe Biotech Group
17. PacifiCord
18. Americord
19. Krio
20. Familycord
21. CryoStemcell
22. Stemade Biotech
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