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The global sports drink market share 2017 was $xx Billion and is projected to reach $xx Billion by registering a CAGR of xx% during the forecast period. Sports drinks are the beverages that are useful for athletes to replace electrolytes, energy and water after or before competition or training. Sports drinks are getting popular amongst athletes and individuals undergoing intense physical activity. Future generation’s interest in sports is fueling the sports drink market because of the interest in sports, purchasing capacity, willingness to spend on sports equipment and products and inclination towards fitness. Marketers are mainly focusing on audiences of different age groups such as young adults and teenagers due to their interest. Introducing new flavors with benefits of health are the factors that are driving the growth of the global sports drink market.

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Another factor that is motivating people to accept the habits of drinking healthy drinks is change in lifestyle. These habits are also boosting the demand for products used for sports nutrition consisting of sports drinks like herbal drinks, non-protein drinks and protein drinks. Change in trends of customer buying has motivating the manufacturers to develop new products that achieve the goals rapidly. This change in the trend of customer buying can help increase the growth of sports drink market.

Growth in the preference of people towards fitness centers, health clubs and physical fitness is another factor increasing the sports drink market. The drivers responsible for the growth of global sports drinks market is that it is increasing the strength, performance and helping athletes in prolonged training and exercise. Rise in the number of population of sportspersons, athletes and players in evolving companies are the factors that are driving the growth of sports drink globally. Rise in the awareness amongst the people regarding the advantages of sports drink helps minimizing the electrolytes and risk of dehydration and helps in maintaining the balance of electrolytes in body surging the growth of global sports drink market. The global sports drink market trends are rise in the competition for sports and demand for the exercise and training. Usage of sports drinks helps sportspersons and athletes for maintaining the nutritional balance and increase their performance. This also helps in increasing the value for the sports drink market that contains protein, minerals and vitamins.

Key players are developing new products which consists different flavors. Increase in the competition between the existing and startups market players, new formulations and strategies are critical to reach the users of sports drinks. Strict rules of government results in accepting the safety methods, create transparency within the manufacturers & consumers and develop the products with clean label and are responsible in increasing the growth of global sports drink market. In 2017, Gatorade Perform generated approximately USD 1.38 billion in C-store sales in the United States.

Sports drink market segmentation is based on flavors, type, distribution channel, application, packaging and region. On the basis of flavors, sports drink market is divided into lemon, fruit punch, orange, grape, mixed berries, mixed fruits and more. Demand for flavored sports drink is gaining popularity as customers have many options to drink as per their preference and taste. By type, market is divided into hypertonic, hypotonic and isotonic sports drink. Isotonic drinks contains same amount of salts and sugar present in human body. Hypertonic sports drink are more concentrated with salt and sugar whereas hypotonic sports drink contain high concentration of sugar and less amount of salt. On the basis of distribution channel, market is divided into departmental stores, online retail channel, convenience stores and modern retail formats. By application, market is divided into energy boost, thirst quench & energy boost and thirst quench. On considering the packaging, market is divided into glass bottles, cans, PET bottles and cartons.

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Geographically, regions involved in the development of global sports drink market are Latin America, Eastern Europe, North America, Western Europe, Middle East & Africa, Japan and Asia Pacific. North America is leading the market because of increase in dietary patterns and concern for health.

Key players involved in the development of sports drink market are Champion Nutrition Inc., Living Essentials, Cloud 9, Arizona Beverage Company and many more.

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