Stick Packaging Market – New Innovations, Application, Recent Technology Updates & Forecast

Flexible packaging has engrave as a prime solution in the overall packaging market and this growth trend seems to continue against the prospect of environment regulation that propels the companies to find for greener alternatives. Moreover, flexible packaging is rapidly gaining traction against the traditional rigid packaging solution especially in the food & beverages industry. Stick packaging is a type of flexible packaging which is primarily adopted in the food & beverages industry and ideal to pack products related to powder, liquid and granules. It helps to maintain the freshness as well as extend the shelf life of the product. It is portable and convenient for on-the-go consumers.

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The raw material for stick packaging include paper, aluminum foil or plastic which is an easy yielding material that can easily transform its shape on the nature of the product. Adding to this, these materials go through a detailed modification process that includes coating, lamination, extrusion and printing to develop different sizes of stick packaging which depends upon the product requirement. Stick packs is perfect for single dose packaging to hit the market, therefore, apart from its primary usage of packing, these stick packaging is ideal for the sampling purpose. Most of the food & beverage companies use these stick packaging solution to promote and test their product before the actual launch.

Global Stick Packaging Market: Market Segmentation

Global stick packaging market is segmented on the basis of material type and application type. On the basis of material type, global stick packaging market is segmented into paper, plastic and aluminum foil. Plastic can be further sub-segmented into polyethylene (PE), polypropylene (PP) and polyester (PS). Plastic is the most widely used material in the global stick packaging market due to its positive attributes which includes low cost, light weight, barrier properties and decorative capabilities. On the basis of application type, global stick packaging market can be segmented into food & beverages, pharmaceutical, consumer goods and others.

Global Stick Packaging Market: Market Dynamics

Currently the demand for sustainable packaging is prevailing in the global stick packaging market with the development of eco-friendly packaging solution. Continuous development and innovation in the area of flexible packaging has supported manufacturers in creating small packaging products, ultimately driving the demand for stick packaging. Another key factor for the growth of global stick packaging market is the rising disposable income coupled with growth of the global retail industry. In addition to this, the rising demand for the packaged food due to health issues is another factor that is driving the growth of global stick packaging market. Another reason towards the growth of global stick packaging market is the busy life style of the consumer that encourage the consumption of on-the-go product. The need for the high barrier flexible packaging such as moisture free, dust free solution is another prominent reason to drive the growth of the global stick packaging market. However, the stringent regulatory landscape towards the use of plastic is expected to hinder the growth of the global stick packaging market over the forecast period.