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Bangalore’s Top 3 Most Attractive Brands – Samsung (Mobiles), iPhone, Maruti Suzuki

City partial to Pizza Hut, Airtel, Zomato& KFC; scorns on Apollo Pharmacy, Land Rover, Yahoo, Bank of India & Fanta


· Brands surge ahead in city compared to All-India ranks – Pizza Hut (+799 ranks), Airtel (+681 ranks), Zomato (+572 ranks) & KFC (+490 ranks)

· Brands rejected by city as compared to All-India ranks – Apollo Pharmacy (-565 ranks), Land Rover (-500 ranks), Yahoo (-476 ranks), Bank of India (-470 ranks) & Fanta (-429 ranks)

Pune, India, December 21, 2018: India’s Most Attractive Brands Report 2018 (MAB 2018), in its fifth edition, has listed the country’s Most Attractive 1000 brands by consumer choices, based on TRA’s proprietary model of Brand Attractiveness. The study is an annual syndicated primary research conducted with 2500 consumer-influencers across 16 Indian cities.Much like the All-India list, consumers of Bangalore rank Samsung mobile phones as the Most Attractive brand in the city, followed by iPhone (All-India rank 3rd), and Maruti Suzuki (All-India rank 5th), at 2nd and 3rd places respectively. TRA Research has been scientifically measuring Buying Propensity conducting syndicated research on its’ proprietary matrices of Brand Trust and Brand Attractiveness since 2010.

However, the superficial similarities of the city brands with All-India ranks ceases after the third ranked, showing very different choices of the Bangalorean. Continuing the city ranks, ITC is 4th ranked (All-India rank 85th), Honda in four-wheelers ranked 5th (All-India rank 10th), Oppo is 6th (All-India rank 12th), Titan is 7th (All-India rank 11th), Hewlett Packard is 8th (All-India rank 36th), Vivo is 9th (All-India rank 15th) and Toyota is ranked 10th (All-India rank 19th). The other brands which surge ahead in city compared to All-India ranks – Pizza Hut (+799 ranks), Airtel (+681 ranks), Zomato (+572 ranks) & KFC (+490 ranks) (Bajaj Auto is at 4th rank and Toyota is 5th among the list’s most desired brands.

N. Chandramouli, CEO, TRA Research, emphasizing the unique differences in each of the cities said, “Choices of consumers based on attractiveness show their desire quotient for brands, and in turn reflect the city’s personality. The Most Attractive Brands chosen in Bangalore are completely different from that of the All-India ranks, showing that the Bangalorean has thinks and acts differently. Not knowing such nuances consumer behaviour is different cities can mean the difference between success and failure of brands.”

Brands which score very low by Bangalore as compared to All-India ranks are Apollo Pharmacy ranked 614th in Bangalore (49th in All-India), Land Rover ranked 582nd(82nd All-India), Yahoo ranked 567th (91st All-India), Bank of India ranked 616th(146th All-India) and Fanta ranked 546th(116th All-India). Other significant brands which face the scorn of Bangalore are Blue Star ranked 465th in Bangalore and 92nd All- India, Apple ranked 360th in city versus 46th in All India, Big Bazaar ranked 396th by city and ranked 80th All-India.

“The consumer of the Garden city behaves and acts differently as different cultural, environmental, political, social and terrain they encounter. For a city that spends much time beating the traffic, Bangalore adores its phones and its cars. Arguably, the most cosmopolitan of all Indian cities with Kannada, Tamil, Hindi, English and, sometimes Telugu, are well understood. Their relationships with brands is low with brand-consumer compatibility at -20%. The city loves tech – but less of fancy gizmos and more of the useful tech”, Chandramouli added.