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With its 200+ statistical features and user-friendly interface, XLSTAT is the leading statistical software solution for Microsoft Excel.

XLSTAT version 2018.7 is available for download!

New statistical features and options:

– Analytic Hierarchy Process: a powerful decision aid method for analyzing complex multi-criteria problems based on a criteria hierarchization. Available in all XLSTAT solutions under the Decision Aid menu.

– Price Sensitivity Meter (Van Westendorp): a practical tool commonly used in market research to identify the ideal price for a product or service. Available in XLSTAT-Marketing under the Marketing Tools menu.

– Load large CSV/text files files into Excel: a convenient new feature to load data files exceeding the standard Excel worksheet size for data management tasks. Available in all XLSTAT solutions under the Preparing Data menu.

– Classification Trees: New helpful options are available for building CART trees including the complexity parameter stop criterion and the information gain quality measure. Available in all XLSTAT solutions under the Machine Learning menu.

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