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Nanosoft announces nanoCAD Plus 10.0, the newest version of its DWG compatible CAD application software.

Key features of nanoCAD Plus 10:

– New interface style: nanoCAD Plus 10 has a modern ribbon interface, developed according to ergonomics research of design software.

– Support for DWG2018 file format: The latest version of the DWG format was added to the list of supported ones, which is started from the version R11.

– Increased productivity: Improved video subsystem with support of MS DirectX 10 accelerates processing of drawings with a lot amount of text, hatches, etc.

– Audit standards: nanoCAD Plus 10 can check drawings for standards compliance and fix found violations. STANDARDS command allows auditing drawings to custom standards.

– Incremental Auto-save: From now on, only the modified DWG data is sent to the file during background autosave, that significantly reduces the time of this operation even on rich documents.

– Interactive Tools in a Drawing Area: Semi-transparent interactive tools to manage views and visual styles: “Locator” for convenient navigation in a 3-d space and “View Control” to change named view and visual style of a view port.

– Dynamic Blocks Extended Support: Dynamic block processing was improved, nanoCAD Plus 10 completely supports property tables, insertion point management, dynamic blocks parameters correct processing.

– Third-party Formats Import: nanoCAD Plus 10 imports WMF and EMF formats, as well as DGN-2D/3D format used by the Bentley Systems MicroStation design software.

New Drawing Objects and Commands:

– In addition to its own leader objects, nanoCAD Plus can create and edit multileader objects, manage multileader styles.

– Native DWG-tables creating and editing without conversion to nanoCAD-table is available.

– Managing DWG-table styles and conversion nanoCAD-table to DWG-table and vice versa.

– 3D-polyline creation and editing.

– A new Region command creates an object of a “region” type from 2D objects that form closed area.

– The “Stretch” command uses pre-selected vertices thus makes working more convenient.

nanoCAD Plus is optimized for production design and drafting, and high-performance platform CAD application development. It uses the same industry standard technology for reading/writing DWG files as the world’s top CAD, CAM and CAE developers, and is compatible with DWG files created as far back as 1990. nanoCAD Plus is actually designed to solve a business problem with CAD budget and provides a smooth migration path for existing AutoCAD users. It costs only $180 per year per seat, including priority support and updates. Inexpensive but powerful, nanoCAD includes unique features of hi-grade CAD software, such as drawing underlays of different file types, BIM IFC format import, point cloud processing, embedded PDF-printer, easy navigation in 3D with fly and walkthrough to mention a few. Find more at