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Among the various raw materials used by industries to manufacture goods of various kinds, plastic or polymer is one of the most widely used. Right from household items to construction material, industrial parts, packaging and even aerospace, the applications of polymer are immense. But every industry requires a specific quality of plastic and that’s where plastic testing laboratory comes into picture. Spectro Analytical Labs is one of the leading testing labs in India setting up high industry standards.

Spectro Labs since its inception in 1995 has been rendering unmatched services to its clients in various parts of India. Being a NABL accredited testing lab, this group is highly respected for their accuracy and consistency. Spectro has its branches at various locations in India and each one of them are equipped to conduct various tests for their clients. With over 500 experienced professionals working at these labs, Spectro Groups offers an extensive range of niche testing services that no other private labs do in India.

Polymer or plastic as an industrial raw material has unlimited applications. The imagination of the researchers is the limit when it comes to using this material to build a product. This enormous potential comes with a very distinct challenge that is to manufacture polymer precisely to meet a particular product requirement. Spectro states that even the slightest variation in the quality of the plastic used can diminish the strength and durability of the product to a great extent. Thus, their plastic testing lab in Delhi has the most advanced setup to test plastic in hundreds of ways to evaluate it against the industry standards.

Based on the requirements of their clients, Spectro labs are able to offer plastic testing services by testing the material for density, flammability, impact resistance, melting, peel testing, compression, punching, tear resistance, QUV, DSC, hardness and so on. Clients can request for specific combination of tests based on their industry norms and the Spectro labs will deliver the most accurate and comprehensive results.

The more and more our world becomes dependent on plastic, our industries will need the help of such to plastic testing labs deliver unmatched quality.


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