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Isotropic PET film is primarily used for lidding applications. The food & beverages industry uses isotropic PET films for the packaging of food products to keep it long-lasting and safe. Isotropic PET film is also known as a biaxially oriented polyester film. Isotropic PET film has desirable features such as superior thermal stability, crack resistance, gloss and medium barrier. Ice cream products are packaged into the isotropic PET film due to its thermal stability property. Isotropic PET films are transparent and glossy, owing to which it provides the feature of shelf presentation and consumer can also see the product before buying it. The manufacturing of isotropic PET film depends on the basis of need of packaging and product. The long-lasting feature of isotropic PET film is helping to sell and keep products for the long time without worrying about the condition of products in packages.

Isotropic PET Film Market: Dynamics

The growth of the isotropic PET films market depends upon the growth of the food & beverages industry. The food and beverages industry uses isotropic PET films for the lidding of trays or cups. The end-users are using the different type of isotropic PET films such as Polystyrene (PS), Polypropylene (PP), Polyethylene Terephthalate (PET), polyethylene (PE). The popularity of isotropic PET film is expected to increases in the packaging of the food & beverages industry during the forecast period.

Chemical, pharmaceutical, cosmetics, and personal care manufacturer are also accepting isotropic PET film lidding for packaging their product, due to its properties superior as of other isotropic films. The aluminum film is the alternative for isotropic PET film which is retraining the demand of isotropic PET film. Demand for isotropic PET film is increased due to the development & research initiated by key manufacturers of isotropic PET film.

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APEJ is the largest market for isotropic PET films and estimated to become first in the rank by the end of the forecast period. In APEJ region, China & India are leading manufacturer and consumer of isotropic PET film. The reason behind the growth of APEJ isotropic PET film market is increased purchasing power of individuals and growth of food service industries. North America is the second largest market for the isotropic PET films. US is the first position in the rank of leading market of isotropic PET films by considering the country wise consumption of films.

Western Europe is the third largest market in the global isotropic PET film. The countries such as Spain, France & Germany are expected to fast pacing food & beverages market, which creates a great opportunity for European isotropic PET film market. The Latin America and the Middle East & Africa isotropic PET film market are expected to witness a rise during the forecast period. Russia is playing the key role in the growth of isotropic PET film market due to the increased consumption of packaged food. In the global country wise ranking of isotropic PET films market, Japan is ranked in the top 10 consumers of isotropic PET film.