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Using a regular smartphone might be convenient for everyday operations but if your work involves operating in tough industrial conditions, a durable rugged phone can be a smart decision. Unlike regular phones, which are susceptible to breakages at the slightest instance, rugged phones are tested according to military standards and offer unrivalled support and resilience for heavy-duty applications.

With headquarters in Johannesburg, Rugged Mobile South Africa’s leading destination for rugged smart devices today. Boasting an extensive array of high-tech rugged devices, including diverse kinds of smartphones, notebooks, tablets and handhelds, Rugged Mobile ensures all the devices deliver optimum performance in extreme conditions.

Why Should You Choose Rugged Mobile as Your Provider?

  • Rugged Mobile is a licensed supplier of heavy-duty tablets, and all their products are tested according to standard MIL-STD regulations. Besides MIL-STD, some of the other parameters on which the products are tested include temperature range and IP-rating.
  • Needless to say, the rugged exterior of the devices lends protection against ballistic shocks and exposures to high temperature.
  • Manufactured to weather tough external conditions, these handhelds are suitable for a number of applications, which include scanning, collecting data, crunching numbers, browsing graphics as well as mobile ticketing.
  • Equipped with barcode scanning facilities and other add-ons, such devices are appropriated across numerous industries; some of their niche markets include mining, construction, field research and logistical support.
  • Conveniently, Rugged Mobile’s products are manufactured with 2500mAH batteries, so users can operate the devices for long hours without the fear of running out of power.
  • Rugged Mobile’s ultra-tough tablets and smartphones are designed with easy-to-use interfaces and are recognised for their user-centric designs.

Rugged Mobile’s Unique Range of Tablets

Rugged devices are not restricted to mobile phones today, and Rugged Mobile’s impressive product lines will baffle you with their sturdiness and operability. Some of their best-selling products are listed below:

  • Algiz® 8X
  • Algiz RT7
  • Algiz 7®
  • Algiz® 10X
  • Nautiz X1®
  • Nautiz X2
  • Nautiz X8
  • Nautiz eTicket Pro II

For more information about Rugged Mobile, please visit the website at

Unit F63, Wild Fig Business Park
2170, Johannesburg, Gauteng, South Africa
Tel: 011 476 4779