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Every single one of us is a child, just as everyone in the workplace context is an employee. Similarly, not everyone is a parent, just as not everyone is a manager.

For those managers who deal with groups of people, finding one recognized and accepted managerial method becomes a challenge. Imagine if there were one established method of parenting; families would be tightly knit and children wouldn’t complain of bad family experiences. Unfortunately, there is no agreed-upon manner of solving parenting challenges and running a family.

When it comes to managing a group of people, each with their own characteristics and personalities, there can be no ultimate management technique. A managerial practice is usually adopted basis the skills that a manager possesses. In addition to these key skills, a manager also creates his own style which serves as a significant differentiator. Hence, classifying the good from the great.

The bigger the child grows, the more the parent learns, enriching his knowledge and experience. Basis this learning, he continues to mould his parenting method to raise his child. Through a systematic and guided learning process, a manager can develop his own style which is appropriate for both him and his team.

Great Manager Institute™ offers recommended learning modules and action planning, customized as per the individual’s profile. This profile is created basis his effectiveness score, which is further used as a guide along his developmental journey.

As long as we acknowledge that there is no single identified method of managing groups of people, we can invest our time and effort into designing a managerial style to suit our workgroups. Invest in building great workplace experiences for your team members, by being the best at what you do.

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