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ASTPP is a renowned open source VoIP billing solution. An Indian company, iNextrix Technologies Pvt. Ltd. is actively managing and maintaining this open source VoIP billing software. The company has decided to increase the reach and popularity of this open source billing solution: ASTPP. Thus recently Mr. Samir Doshi, who is one of the directors of the iNextrix Technologies have released a video announcement on social media platform that they will be participating in GITEX as one of the exhibitors and showcase ASTPP over there to their booth visitors.

This week the ASTPP community is updated with a news announcement on the official news section of the that revealed the agenda and other details related to the ASTPP exhibition at GITEX Technology Week 2018. As per the shared details the community leaders Mr. Samir Doshi and Mr. Arpit Modi are willing to increase the popularity of this open source billing software. As part of this, they have chosen GITEX as the platform at which they will be exhibiting this powerful platform.

As per the shared details, the community leaders of the ASTPP will be showcasing the most recent version of this FreeSWITCH based VoIP billing system. Please note that the most recent version of the ASTPP platform is ASTPP 3.6. The representatives of the ASTPP will educate their booth visitors about the latest features and functions of it. Moreover, they are all set to educate the GITEX visitors with all other modules of this open source billing solution which makes it the perfect for any small to big organization.

Below is the list of key modules available in the ASTPP: VoIP Billing Solution, which will be showcased during GITEX Technology Week 2018:

• Account Management
• DID Management
• Calling Card Management
• Rate Management
• Rate Group and Tariff Management
• Billing and Invoicing
• Reports

One of the representatives who is going to be at the booth shared his views with the media, “ASTPP is the most advanced billing solution and it is available for free. It has a very supportive community that has developed the best platform with all advanced features. The ASTPP is very popular at the moment in the VoIP industry and we want to take this fame to the next level because our ASTPP solution and the hard work of our community members deserve that. We are very pleased with the fact that we will be showcasing it to more than 100,000 visitors. We are expecting to meet our community members and contributors. Also, we are expecting to increase users of the ASTPP solution by spreading awareness about its potential to as many people as possible during the GITEX Technology Week 2018.”

The company has booked a stand in the GITEX and will be exhibiting this solution during GITEX Technology Week 2018. Below are the booth and other details:
Booth No: B1 – 20
Hall No: 01
Venue: Dubai World Trade Center, Dubai
Date: 14 – 18 October, 2018
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