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Turkey (September 14, 2018) – Hair loss is common these days,particularly among men. They face excessive hair loss at a very young age, such that they become bald headed soon. Thanks to the best hair loss treatments these days. For those in Turkey and even from other parts of the world, they can visit Turkey for the best hair transplant treatment from German Estetica.

The good thing about German Estetica for hair transplant in Turkey is that they continue to be the best hair transplant center in Turkey. They implant 6000 grafts per session with the help of the latest technique in hair transplantation.

This center for hair transplant in Turkey, use techniques like Percutaneous Technique, Choi Implanter Technique and FUE Mega Unit Extraction for transplantation. Further, to make sure that the patient will not feel the pain during these procedures, local anesthesia is given.

The best Istanbul hotels, free medical checkup prior to the transplantation procedure, a luxurious private car with a driver, full medical bag, highest quality, free consultation and guaranteed results are the special features of German Estetica.

About German Estetica:
German Estetica is a healthcare center in Turkey dedicated to offering the best hair transplant treatment to help people get back their beauty after a hair loss.

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