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Polaris Market Research adds a new report Feed Acidifiers Market Research Report for the period of 2017-2026 that shows the growth of the market is rising at a Steady CAGR to 2026.

These products such several verities of organic acids and essential oils are either used as single products or two or more acidifiers can be combined to achieve higher response. Acidifiers are specified microorganism that positively affects the host by improving the balance of pathogenic to beneficial bacteria in the gut. These products are non-digestible oligosaccharides serving as substrate for antibiotics and competing with pathogens that regulate gut cell adhesion. Direct acting gut flora modulators such as essential are compounds directly modulating the microflora via growth inhibition. The product categories with specific functionality are essential components animal feed. Increasing focus on feed for higher productivity of farm animals has driven acidifiers demand.

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Acidifiers such as organic acids are currently used widely in weaning piglets during the transition from suckling milk to consuming solid feed to aid in acidifying the feed to prevent bacterial growth and improve digestion of feed ingredients along with lowering the buffering capacity. Also, the food industry uses benzoic acid as preservatives. These advantages of these products are essential factors that have contributed to its increasing market demand.

Acidifiers that are based on feeding of some certain non-digestible oligosaccharides to manipulate or control microbial composition, thereby helping in maintaining a beneficial microflora are very vital feed components. Few of the primary functions of these products include selective control of the intestinal microflora, reduction of several pathogens and the promotion of various beneficial microorganisms. These products restrict to sever gastric acidity circumstances, simplify hydrolysis by the digestive enzymes and also for gastrointestinal absorption, initiate fermentation by the intestinal microflora and provide selective stimulation for growth and other activities of intestinal bacteria that contribute to a healthily gut health. These benefits of acidifiers are expected to be the major factors driving the market.

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Asia Pacific is expected to witness the fastest market growth owing to increasing number of feed processors in the region. The mounting surge in meat processors and shift in consumer demand for organic food products have be identified as some of the major factors responsible for driving the regional market.

Some of the primary market participants include Pancosma SA, Nutrex NV, Biomin Holding GmbH, Impextraco NV , Novus International, Inc. , Perstorp Holding AB, Kemin Industries, Inc., Kemira OYJ , Yara International ASA, Kemin Industries, BASF SE, Koninklijke DSM N.V., Cargil, Kemin Industries, Novozymes, Inc., Novus International, Inc., Addcon, Lallemand, Inc., Beneo Group and Chr. Hansen Holding A/S.

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