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The Casio Edifice Chronograph Quartz EFV-550GY-8AV EFV550GY-8AV Men’s Watch’s rich grey finish on the dial’s clean and professional, with touches of blue on the hands and the markers. The dark grey bezel shining with the seconds’ markers makes it look sophisticated and daring for an adventure. The Edifice logo is also sporty looking. Those two sporty touches are not left to stand alone: the heavy-steel bracelet, twin-pushers, crown guards, and crown work together to complete the look. The sapphire crystal makes the face extremely durable, too, which further speaks to this Casio’s sporting intentions. The 100-meter water resistance makes you lucky for a casual swim wearing it on your wrist. It has weight – enough to make it obvious when being worn – and carries itself well thanks to sharp styling and tasteful design choices. Quality of build is evident everywhere you look at this Edifice.

The deploying clasp of Casio Edifice Chronograph Quartz EFV-550GY-8AV EFV550GY-8AV Men’s Watch is high-quality, feeling snug and secure when closed and stable and well-made when in use. The clasp never gave way without my direction to do so- exactly how it should be. The appeal is in using a few basic features and playing with the rest from time to time… while having a complex-looking timepiece that looks cool.

This is the hallmark of the Casio Edifice Chronograph Quartz EFV-550GY-8AV EFV550GY-8AV. It has the time, full calendar (date, and day of the week are displayed on the dial), daily alarm, 1/100 of a second chronograph, and world time function. In addition to that, the movement is light powered, synchronizes with each of the six atomic clock radio signals around the world and has a Casio “Tough Movement” which offers the ability for the hands to be re-positioned automatically if they are misaligned due to a shock to the case. That is a lot of technology and features. The dial has seven hands and a date indicator window. Once again, the hands are used to do different things in different modes – which are the key to understanding how this watch is able to do so much. On the default “screen,” the watch shows you the time, 24-hour time or second time zone, date, and day of the week.

All in all what is to be said in few words is that the Casio Edifice Chronograph Quartz EFV-550GY-8AV EFV550GY-8AV men’s watch, is made by some of the finest watch nerds of the world and it does make a watch look as a nerdy timepiece not easy to handle. What so ever, the watch welcomes a strong attention to the wrist and is an attention seeker companion.

Bottom line: A rich looking chronograph Casio Watches with an analog dial and the deadly look of grey and blue. A true adventurer feels when you wear it and flaunt it. The rich grey of the dial which, thanks to the grooved finish, catches the right amount of light- it’s a great looking effect that matches perfectly with the reflective hands and hour markers. The texture brings an added measure of depth to an already cavernous dial.

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